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The German election: the other side of the story

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Other headlines in British newspapers confirmed this viewpoint:

• "Decisive Win Gives Merkel Strong Hand"

• "Angela Merkel: The German Leader Set to Eclipse Margaret Thatcher"

• "Poland and Germany Should Unite, Says Lech Walesa"

• "Merkel Is Europe's Misunderstood Visionary"

These are only a few of the many positive reactions to Angela Merkel's success. Majority opinion, however, is not always right. One particular columnist expressed a totally different view of Merkel's vision of Europe. Noted author Frederick Forsyth's column in the Daily Express offers an almost biblical insight. His analysis of the German election result reflects a polar opposite position to the generally accepted assessment. He does not misunderstand the German chancellor's vision of Europe.

Forsyth's view follows: "She does not posture, she does not strut as most do. She does not shout the odds, rant or preach like so many. But her smooth destruction of her one-time patron and mentor Helmut Kohl gives the measure of her ruthlessness in pursuit of her goal" (Sept. 27, 2013).

What, according to Forsyth, is her goal? "That is the complete—and I mean total—unification of the countries of Europe, Germany included, into a single super-state. Nothing, absolutely nothing, must be allowed to stand in the way of that divine vision. And that includes the withdrawal of the UK from the EU." This partially explains her friendly, cooperative relationship with Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron. If Britain leaves the European Union, other countries will likely follow suit.

Forsyth concluded: "For the third time in 100 years Germany has made up its collective mind on the future of Europe and does not intend to be gainsaid again by this blasted little offshore nation [Britain] and its dreadfully disobedient people."

This assessment may seem radical—but not to observers who have carefully studied German history and biblical prophecy hand in hand. To understand much more, read the free Bible study aids Are We Living in the Time of the End? and You Can Understand Bible Prophecy. (Sources: The Jewish Chronicle, Daily Express, Financial Times, The Independent, The Telegraph.)