God and the Tsunami

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God and the Tsunami

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It's amazing what short attention spans we have. Only two months ago Indonesia was shaken by the second-largest earthquake ever recorded, and the resulting tsunami claimed some 300,000 lives. The death toll was the greatest from an earthquake in almost 500 years.

Yet the story quickly disappeared from the headlines throughout much of the world and is rapidly fading from memory. All too often our unspoken approach is if something doesn't directly affect us, it might as well have not happened. I can't help but be reminded of another recent major disaster, the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. Those memories also quickly faded, and lessons we might have learned were all too soon forgotten.

The January-February issue of The Good News was already at the printer when the earthquake and tsunami struck, so we weren't able to say anything about it in that issue. Perhaps that's just as well, because out of millions of words written about the disaster I have yet to see anyone address it from an accurate biblical perspective (apart from our Web site and monthly newsletter, World News and Prophecy).

Now, two months removed from this tragedy, perhaps we can look at it more objectively and consider God's perspective. The first two articles in this issue do just that. (We also hope you'll request our free booklet Why Does God Allow Suffering?, which explains this enigma in much greater detail.)

Among the many reactions to the tsunami devastation were quite a few questioning God's existence or even arguing that this proves He doesn't exist. Is that possible?

The Good News is dedicated to two simple propositions. They are: (1) We have a divine Creator, and (2) the Bible is His inspired Word. In line with that, we're starting a new feature, 'God, Science and the Bible.'

One of the mainstream media's greatest failings is in reporting on scientific discoveries that relate to God and the Bible. Depending on what and how much you read, you may regularly see articles supporting Darwinian evolution. But how often do you see reporting that reflects the other side of the issue?

Where do you read about findings that pose major problems for evolution? How many times have you read of scientific discoveries that clearly point to a Creator or that verify the truthfulness and accuracy of the Bible?

Judging by what we see in most TV, newspaper and magazine coverage, you'd think there weren't any. But the fact is, such reports appear quite regularly. They simply don't get much publicity in a world that all too often doesn't want to acknowledge God or may be openly hostile to the idea that we have a Creator.

We hope you'll enjoy the news items we report in this issue.

We doubt that you've seen most of them anywhere else. If you're a parent or grandparent, share them with your children or grandchildren. You'll find them to be a healthy antidote to the indoctrination they may be receiving in their school or college.

This is one of the ways in which The Good News strives to better serve our readers, providing information to help you better make sense of our world. If we can help in other ways, please let us know. GN

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