Good News Magazine: May - June 2011

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  • by Scott Ashley
The Middle East's long era of strongmen may be reaching its end. If so, what will replace it?
  • by Mario Seiglie
Egypt has recently been rocked by turmoil and unrest, with longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak forced from office. Could this be the beginning of a trend foretold in Bible prophecy? What else does Scripture reveal about Egypt in history and prophecy?
  • by Melvin Rhodes
On Sept. 1, 1969, Libya's King Idris was overthrown in a violent coup that brought a young revolutionary Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to power. For more than 40 years his revolutionary fervor has spread mayhem and discord.
  • by Gary Petty
Why is there so much unrest in the Middle East? Why do we see constant strife between the Israelis and their neighbors? The answers to these questions didn't begin with the formation of the state of Israel in 1948. The history of these conflicts goes back 4,000 years and is recorded in a place many people would never think to look - the Bible!
  • by Rex Sexton
Depredations of the elephant herds of northern Zambia by poaching led to a breakdown of the social structure of these magnificent creatures. Their experience holds sad and sobering lessons for people as well.
  • by Jerold Aust, John Ross Schroeder
The unrest that began with Tunisia in December 2010 has spread to many other Middle Eastern countries. Other despotic rulers may well fall in addition to those already forced from power. But will we witness the emergence of secularist democracies supporting the West, as many hope? Or will the era of autocratic rulers in the Middle East morph into an Islamist confederation spanning the region?
  • by Jerold Aust, John Ross Schroeder
Prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the former chancellor of West Germany, Helmut Schmidt, observed that the idea of a unified state of 75 million Germans arising one day in the middle of Europe was a cause of concern for many of the nation's European neighbors and partners
  • by Noel Hornor
The world was shocked by the destructiveness of the recent earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. The disaster proved that even a modern, technologically advanced nation is helpless against the forces of nature. What perspectives does the Bible offer on this disaster?