How Was Jesus' Success in Remaining Sinless Assured?

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How Was Jesus' Success in Remaining Sinless Assured?

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How could God be so sure He would succeed when Jesus as a human being would be tempted to sin every way that we are (Hebrews 4:15), implying that He had the capacity for sin? How could He successfully never sin and become our Savior? His success was guaranteed for several reasons working together. Among them are:

1. Jesus had established righteous habit from eternity—and thus an "inertia" of character that always propelled Him toward maintaining righteousness and avoiding sin.

2. Jesus did not become flawed, weak and susceptible to giving in during His younger years under the deception of the devil as all other people are—and so He did not have to change from being unrighteous to righteous.

3. Jesus never failed and was never saddled with guilt and shame and a sense of hopelessness or defeatism about gaining the victory over sin.

4. Jesus maintained perfect fellowship with and closeness to God the Father throughout life, and that relationship strengthened and steeled Him against temptation and sin.

5. Having the Holy Spirit without measure gave Jesus the additional needed power to successfully resist sin.

6. Jesus had certain awareness of His past life of divine glory with the Father, helping to keep the fleeting pleasures of sin in proper perspective as nothing beside that awesome existence.

7. Jesus, having been with the Father from eternity, had perfect faith in the Father, in God's purposes, in the divine plan, and in the rewards of adhering to God's law—He was never impeded by doubt, worry, fear or faulty human reason.

8. Jesus had constant awareness of His mission on which the whole world depended—and He had always perfect love for all so that He desired to succeed for them and to please the Father.

9. Jesus knew perfectly the consequences of sin and where giving in to temptation would lead, so Satan was not able to deceive Him.

10. Jesus was always aware that failing to stay in close fellowship with the Father would doom Him and everyone else—so allowing a lapse was unthinkable.

11. Jesus'constant success in resisting sin and temptation bred further success. Nothing succeeds like success, and in so doing His righteousness was constantly reinforced.

12. Both the Father and Jesus Christ knew what would be required to keep Him from sinning, and with all that's stated here They knew He would succeed—and He did!