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Letters From Our Readers

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Hurrah, Hurrah! We have a wonderful Good News magazine again. It is beautiful. I loved the cover and all the articles. Thank you very much, and I am looking forward to the next issue.

Mrs. Glenn Meeks
Roseburg, Oregon

I read the article by Bonnie Greider, "Are We Thriving or Just Coping?" and "A Heart of Flesh" by Andrea West. Both were good articles, and as Ms. Greider pointed out, we do take things for granted. I know this to be true.

I have several handicaps which have changed my life and made me aware of what others must put up with. I tell others that I once saw people with a problem but now I feel it. How people can see or know of a need and not try to help is hard to understand.

M.W. Bunch
Clarksville, Indiana

The Good News is certainly a high- class publication filled with spiritually uplifting material for all ages. I certainly appreciate the great efforts put forth to bring this magazine to us so soon, and it was especially significant to be able to receive the premier issue at the Feast.

What a blessing to read articles that were inspired by God and written by God's people.

Jeri Holcomb
Hawkins, Texas

We see The Good News as a great asset in replenishing our spiritual growth. Overall, it seems that everyone would like to see articles regarding living according to God's law in the New Testament church, and all that entails (Sabbath, Holy Days, everyday Christian living, etc.)

It looks like you have a great start toward that.

Dan Wilson
Big Sandy, Texas

We got our premier issue of The Good News during the Feast. Time hasn't allowed us to get it read completely, but we wanted you to know how great it is to have a wonderful magazine like this available.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Garrison
Des Moines, Iowa

The Good News magazine is such a blessing! The look, content and paper quality of the magazine-and especially the content-represent God and His people.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Barreiro
Stockton, California