Letters From Our Readers - July/August 2014

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Letters From Our Readers - July/August 2014

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Comments on recent Good News articles

I just finished reading "Pentecost: The Power of God in Our Lives" in the May-June 2014 issue. It is such a powerful message about the importance of having a one-on-one relationship with God. It reminds me of a recent motto I read: "Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil—it has no point!"

M.S., Internet

I read your booklets God's Holy Plan and Holidays or Holy Days along with the article "Did Jesus Keep His Word?" in the March-April issue. I must say I was informed and I now agree with the Tuesday night (Nisan 14) Passover through to the Saturday Sabbath resurrection. I want to add that I've been receiving all your literature for a few years now, and my eyes have been opened more through you than at any other time. May God bless you as He has me and countless others. He is doing really great things through you! I pray that all of you feel the assurance that you are making a difference in people's lives. 

Reader in Pennsylvania

Please cancel my subscription to The Good News. The article on hell in your May-June issue was over the top and beyond my Baptist belief. It was filled with errors. Somebody, especially the author, should read the Bible.

Reader in Arkansas

Interested readers may wish to review the questions and answers on the facing page, which touch on biblical teachings regarding heaven and hell. Obviously the few articles we published in the May-June issue cannot cover the full scope of what the Bible teaches about heaven, hell and life after death, so we encourage readers to download or request our free study guides What Happens After Death? and Heaven and Hell: What Does the Bible Really Teach? so they can understand this subject in much greater detail.

Thanks to the May-June 2014 Good News and the Bible, I have finally learned that good and bad people don't proceed immediately above or below at death but rest in sleep until the day of judgment. I fully agree. Also, as I have always believed, a God of love could not have created a fiery pit to torment sinners forever. Thanks for this wisdom and other excellent articles in a unique publication.

Reader in Ontario, Canada

Appreciation for The Good News

I'm just expressing my appreciation for your magazine. I don't always agree with you, but I admit that all your articles are thought-provoking. Keep it up! 

Reader, Internet

I'm reading my second issue of The Good News and I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed it. I can't seem to put it down once I start reading it. I must say that this magazine has aroused in me an urge to get down on the playing field and follow the only Person who has the answer to our worldly problems. Thanks for putting it together, and keep up the good work.

G.R., Internet

Beyond Today TV program

Hello! I just wanted to comment that I had the opportunity of viewing your program last Sunday and found it very informative regarding the book of Revelation. You were able to explain it so that I could understand more fully the return of Christ coming as a thief in the night. I would very much like to request your study guide The Book of Revelation Unveiled. I found your website through Vision TV and am so happy I did. I thoroughly enjoyed your program and hope to have my husband watch it with me this week. Thank you again!

Reader in Ontario, Canada

Can you please let me know where we can view Beyond Today? It has helped me to get a clearer understanding of God and Jesus Christ, the Holy Sabbath, the Holy Days of God and the Word of God. Thank you for your kind response.

Reader, Internet

Interested readers can find a log of stations online at www.BeyondToday.tv. At this same link viewers can watch dozens of previously aired programs from our archives as well as short BT Daily video blogs on current topics and in-depth Bible studies on important biblical subjects.

Feedback from around the world

I am writing to tell you how much The Good News means to me. It has taught me more about how to have a relationship with God than anything else, and the importance of understanding how modern events and Bible prophecy go hand in hand. I know now that it is important to be a well-informed Christian. Your magazine helps me a lot, but the most important thing is to read the Bible and pray daily.

Reader in Queensland, Australia

The Good News magazine is a big help for everyone who wants to know the whole truth. I consider it as a priceless treasure in my life. Once more, thank you, and may God bless you always.

Reader in Leyte, Philippines

Thank you so much for the love and concern, and for continuing my subscription to The Good News magazine. I do appreciate it. I'm happy to inform you that The Good News magazine is the best magazine so far with critical thinking views. It is unique when you compare it to other religious magazines. 

Reader in Bukidnon, Philippines

I do appreciate the United Church of God sending me The Good News, and I read the issues thoroughly. I also enjoy the information I receive from UCG programs and sermons that I watch and listen to on the computer. Thank you very much again. I wish you, UCG, and your members all the very best. I realize it is members' tithes that enable me to receive educational materials on God's way of life and how to apply it to our lives.

Reader in Kyoto, Japan

Locations of church congregations

I agree with you that the Sabbath is Saturday [i.e., Friday sunset to Saturday sunset], but every Church of God I find hold Sunday as its worship day. How can I find a church that keeps the true Sabbath near me?

Reader in Greenville, North Carolina

I am interested in fellowshipping and learning more about congregations that are closer to me. Right now, my family is not acquainted with anyone locally who is a part of the United Church of God. We have not observed any Holy Days, but I am interested to learn more about how to celebrate these times.

S.L., South Carolina

We have forwarded contact information for our nearest church pastors. We have congregations in most major cities in the United States and in a number of international areas. To find a current list of congregations with contact information, visit www.ucg.org/churches. You can also submit your contact information at www.ucg.org/contact and we will get back to you. This link also provides addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for our offices around the world.