Letters From Our Readers - March/April 2014

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Letters From Our Readers - March/April 2014

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Why the Massive Decline in America's Prestige?"

I thoroughly enjoyed your January-February 2014 issue. Your two articles "Why the Massive Decline in America's Prestige?" and the "What's Behind America's Growing Dependency Society?" were, in my opinion, extremely accurate and foreboding of things to come.

These problems were many years in the making and coincide with the moral decline of the country as a whole. The warning signs were always there, but we as a nation chose to ignore them. Ultimately a great reckoning will awake us. My question is: Who will lead us through these dark times? The problems are so monumental that it would take a leader anointed by God Almighty to effectively guide the country through this mess. Sadly, I don't see this happening anytime soon.

G.J.B., Hamtramck, Michigan

Ultimately only the return of Jesus Christ can save America and the world. Many prophecies of the Bible assure us that His second coming will finally bring the peace and prosperity mankind has sought for so long. Those problems will only be solved when mankind begins living under God's laws rather than doing what seems right in our own eyes.

"God Is Calling—Will You Answer?"

I received my first issue of The Good News yesterday and read some of the articles last night. I've been thinking about the article "God Is Calling—Will You Answer?" There is so much good to say about just this one single article, so I'll settle with saying that it woke me up to the real truth about my relationship with God and has helped me to come back into focus. Thank you so much for doing the work of God. You are all truly blessed. I look forward to a wholesome and enriching relationship with The Good News, and in turn with God as a result of your work.

L.R.T., Fulton, Missouri

The Good News and booklets

I am writing to let you know how much your work has meant to me. I was introduced to your magazine several years ago by a friend in Christ. It has taught me more about how to have a relationship with God than anything else. It has also taught me the importance of understanding how modern events and Bible prophecy go hand in hand. I know now that it is very important to be a well-informed Christian.

I now understand so much more about pleasing God with my thoughts and actions. It is not good enough to go to church and to read the Bible sporadically. It is about eating, breathing, drinking and living the Word of God. It is about working hard to develop a relationship with God and to come to know Him intimately through His Word and daily prayer. It is a very frightening world out there, and to rest in God is the only real comfort. You have a wonderful ministry and are performing the great commission to the utmost.

K.B., Gaylord, Michigan

I've been going through some trials and I started to feel spiritually dead. So I prayed and asked God not to let me fall. Today I received your free offer. Our God truly does answer prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you always.

J.H., Hurst, Texas

Thank you for your magazines and other literature that you have sent me. I know it is so important to be informed about the events that are just ahead and how they will affect everyone on this earth. Thankfully I am able to inform others about your publications.

Reader from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Beyond Today in Australia

I really liked your episode of Beyond Today titled "72 Hours to Chaos." It was a really useful topic and is truly important to a lot of people I know. People in this world are troubled, and they need to hear what you are preaching. It is both helpful and interesting. Thank you for having such relevant material available.

Viewer from Queensland

Thank you kindly for sending me The Good News. Being a pensioner, having it sent free is such a blessing. I look forward to the magazine arriving in the mail. I have kept all the issues that you have sent so that I can refer back to them when need be. I watch your program Beyond Today every Sunday. It refreshes my knowledge of God's Word. It has a clear, precise and accurate message, which certainly shows respect for our Father in heaven. You help people to understand the message that God wishes us to know.

Viewer from Australia

Spreading the true gospel

Here is my donation as promised. You may expect more following the 1st and the 15th of every month going forward. It may not be much (as I am a housewife), but it will be all I can spare. Thank you for changing my life.

S.H., Camarillo, California

Centering on December 25

I am one of the very appreciative and ardent readers of The Good News. I do, however, have one comment. You have repeatedly criticized the fact that it is universally accepted that Jesus' date of birth is Dec. 25, celebrated each year with unnecessary worldly frills. I totally agree that the frills have gotten out of hand, but your constant hammering on the fact that Christ was not born on Dec. 25 and that the Sabbath should be on Saturday and not Sunday is "much ado about nothing." Our main objective is to follow the guideline of morals and the difference between right and wrong, not a tiny difference between possible correct or incorrect dates that were established thousands of years ago.

M.D., Belmont, California

One of our personal correspondents has already addressed your concerns in an e-mail. However our free booklet Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Observe? explains why Dec. 25 is simply not Christ's birth date. It also shows why it is so important to understand this truth (see Deuteronomy 12:29-32). As this booklet clearly shows, the biblical and historical evidence shows that Jesus Christ was born in the autumn.

It saddens me to realize how completely we have been hoodwinked. Your work is very much needed. It is life-changing and lifesaving. Please send a copy of the booklet entitled Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Observe?

E.M., Bastrop, Louisiana

God's seven annual Sabbaths

I never knew that God had annual festivals that we need to observe, which have great significance. This is an eye-opener, and I am grateful that I took your Bible Study Course. Keep on with the good works because you are enabling so many lives to be saved, people who couldn't afford to pay for these booklets that you send free of charge. I would like to know more about the annual Sabbaths.

L.O., Loughborough, England

We have mailed our free booklet God's Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind. This publication covers all seven of God's annual festivals and Holy Days as well as how to observe them. God gave us these annual Sabbath days to observe along with the weekly Sabbath (see Leviticus 23:1-4). The early New Testament Church observed them all.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica (14th edition) states: "There is no indication of the observance of the Easter festival in the New Testament, or in the writings of the apostolic fathers ... The first Christians ... continued to observe the Jewish festivals, though in a new spirit, as commemorations of events which these festivals had foreshadowed. Thus the Passover, with a new conception added to it of Christ as the true Paschal Lamb, continued to be observed ... " (1947, Vol. 7, "Easter," p. 859).