Letters From Our Readers - May/June 2012

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Letters From Our Readers - May/June 2012

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“Planet Earth: Lucky Accident or Master Handiwork?”

I found your latest issue in my workplace break room. I appreciate your efforts in dealing with the science/evolution issue, but notice that you did not address the creation date problem. This is a serious flaw in any examination of the controversies related to science and the Bible. As long as a sizeable and vocal portion of Christians claim that the universe and life on earth are only a few thousand years old, then biblical Christianity is “dead on arrival” as far as educated nonbelievers are concerned.

B.G.B., Melfa, Virginia

You are right that this issue poses a considerable challenge to some. The question of the earth’s age is discussed in considerable detail in our free booklet Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter What You Believe? It’s likewise addressed in the Bible study aid booklet Is the Bible True? Interested readers should request or download these two publications.

The new Good News

The new Good News magazine is wonderful! I love the focus on Christian living and the mini-Bible feature. It is even more loaded with priceless good news for all people.

B.W., Internet

Every issue of your magazine is a joy to receive. I especially enjoyed the new columns in the latest issue. I save each magazine on the shelf with my Bibles, dictionaries and all the booklets you have sent me. I’ve been doing a study on heaven, soul, spirit and what happens when you die. Your booklets have been a great help to me in searching for the relevant scriptures. I am enclosing a small donation and will try to do so more often. I could never afford the books covering all the information you’ve sent me. Please send me your booklet Is God a Trinity? I want to understand and learn all that God wants me to know. 

P.T., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I have just received the March-April edition of The Good News. My compliments go to the editorial staff because it is an outstanding accomplishment. It is very, very good. I was attending a study group last night and I started to quiz our lecturer about a lot of information I had gotten from your magazine. As a result a number of people came up to me at the end of the lecture and wanted to know why I was such a studious man. I explained about the magazine to them.

Reader from New South Wales, Australia

Thank you for your publications. At our house we get many magazines and other letters and brochures. Many we simply cannot read because of time constraints. But let me assure you that yours are always given priority. A contribution is enclosed.

C.K., Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

I have been getting The Good News magazine and have ordered and received several booklets. I have never understood more clearly than I do now when reading your information. The Bible has always been difficult for me to understand, and you focus on very important matters, always following with Bible verses. Now I feel as though I can understand more and become even closer to God. You are appreciated!

B.M., Springfield, Missouri

Why not enroll in our free 12-lesson Bible Study Course?

Beyond Today

I love watching Beyond Today. Please continue to send that beloved magazine The Good News. Enclosed is a donation check.

J.M., Kennewick, Washington

I have been watching the Beyond Today TV program on a regular basis. As your commentators have pointed out, life today seems chaotic, but it is unfolding as was predicted by the prophet Isaiah. It is always beneficial to study the Bible, but I also need Christian fellowship to strengthen me. Could you suggest a local church that I could begin to attend? I am presently looking for a new church. Thank you for your efforts to promote Christ in an unbelieving world.

Reader from Ontario, Canada

We have passed on your request to our regional representative. We also suggest that you ask for our free booklets The Church Jesus Built and This Is the United Church of God

I have received The Good News and have read it from cover to cover. Beyond Today is absolutely great. I am enclosing my contribution for the year 2012. Keep up the good work. You are appreciated.

Reader from Yukon, Canada

Is God a Trinity?

I look forward to receiving your literature as it provides a lot of real information. I also want to thank you for the booklet that I recently received called Is God a Trinity? I have found it fascinating. I have always doubted and questioned the idea of a Trinity as I was taught it in Sunday school. I could never quite accept it.

Reader from Queensland, Australia

What Does the Bible Teach About Tithing?

I watch your weekly Beyond Today show, and this week’s message on tithing is one that I need to pay more attention to, even though I am incarcerated right now. I would very much like it if you would send me a copy of the booklet you’ve advertised called What Does the Bible Teach About Tithing? Even though your message on tithing was clear, a more in-depth study would be an asset in my life.

Reader from New Brunswick, Canada

After having read your booklet on tithing, I have come to realize that unwittingly I have been guilty of breaking the commandment that says, “Thou shalt not steal.” I was brought up to be honest—you don’t lie, cheat or steal. I thought of myself as being fairly honest. Now I have come to realize that by not tithing, I am actually stealing from God. So I’d best be mending my ways.

R.W., Iowa Falls, Iowa

Spreading the gospel of God

A week ago while at a restaurant, a friend who works there gave me three booklets: Jesus Christ: The Real Story, Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter What You Believe? and You Can Have Living Faith. They were left on the table to be thrown away. I have read through the Bible numerous times, but found these very informative and enjoyable to read. Enclosed is a little gift to cover the postage of any other booklets that you might have available to send me.

G.D.T., Charleston, Illinois

Thank you for The Good News magazine. I look forward to each issue, and the other materials you send are wonderful too. I was baptized as a baby and accepted Christ at age 14. But shortly thereafter I stopped attending church. I never stopped praying, but I defiantly stopped listening and am ashamed of many things I did during those years.

Despite all that, God has blessed me and my family time and time again. Off and on I have tried to find a church that I felt comfortable with and whose message was acceptable to what I felt in my heart. Your publications, and more importantly your beliefs, have brought me back. Now I read every day from God’s Holy Word, and your work helps me greatly in understanding it. I wish I were closer to one of your congregations, as I would like to attend. Please find enclosed a small donation to assist with your work.

L.G.J. Chester, South Carolina

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