Letters from Our Readers - May/June 2013

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Letters from Our Readers - May/June 2013

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"Will the World See a New Caliphate?"

I am quite impressed with the articles in the March-April edition of The Good News, especially "Will the World See a New Caliphate?" While without doubt Islamists are working hard to bring their goal to fruition, ultimately it will utterly fail. All earlier attempts to establish a New World Order over all mankind have failed, beginning with the plain of Shinar (see Genesis 11:1-4 Genesis 11:1-4 [1] And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. [2] And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelled there. [3] And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. [4] And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach to heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad on the face of the whole earth.
American King James Version×
) and onward to our post 9/11 era. Look at what happened to the Tower of Babel. Look at what happened to the Nazi pipe dream of a Thousand-Year Reich. And now, Islamists are gearing up to impose their own New World Order upon all mankind.

D.C., Victoria, Australia

The Good News is an excellent magazine. I really enjoyed the article "Will the World See a New Caliphate?" I am a strong supporter of Israel (I have been there twice) and the Jewish feasts. Christians in general are not taught correctly. They hear too much "Replacement Theology." Please keep sending me the magazine.

S.D., Doncaster, England

Our free Bible study aid booklet The Middle East in Bible Prophecy comprehensively explains where this region of the world is ultimately headed along with an account of the area's long historical background.

"Israel: A Nation in Constant Peril"

The Good News is an excellent source of information, particularly in regard to what is going on in Israel. I read every issue with great interest and am very grateful for the work you do.

P.B., Bridport, England

"Hummingbirds: How Do They Do That?"

I just read the Good News article about hummingbirds in the last issue. It had me in tears. What an awesome God we have!

J.D.R., Penzance, England

"Did Jesus Fulfill His Prophecy of How Long He Would Be Entombed?"

I was very happy to see this article. It confirms everything I have been telling people about the crucifixion and the resurrection. Most people still think that Jesus was entombed on Friday and arose on Sunday. I have come up with the same timing found in this article, mainly through lots of investigation into this subject. Thank you for a very informative article. I will use it when talking to others about the resurrection.

J. D., Medford, Oregon

Beyond Today viewers in Canada

Please accept the enclosed offering in support of the United Church of God. I have watched numerous Beyond Today programs and find them inspirational and insightful. Thank you for the messages you deliver to so many and for the work that you do which gives us so much meaning in life and about our relationship with God. May God bless you all for helping me understand today's world through the lens of the written Word of God in the Bible and giving us hope in the world Beyond Today.

Reader from British Columbia

Beyond Today is one of the best programs on Vision TV. I would like the booklet Are We Living in the Time of the End? and The Good News magazine.

Reader from Saskatchewan

I am writing in response to the Beyond Today program I recently viewed. On this program the presenters spoke about understanding Bible prophecy. I found this subject very interesting, so much so that I am hopeful that you could send me the free booklet You Can Understand Bible Prophecy. I look forward to studying it with the scriptures it refers to.

Reader from British Columbia

Readers from Australasia and New Zealand

Thank you for The Good News magazine. It truly contains the truth and an understanding of God's Word. The articles are very enlightening, with God's Word made clear like a lamp to our feet so we do not totter in this world of darkness.

Reader from South Australia

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your magazine. My friend and I read it together, and we are just so happy to be receiving it. My friend wasn't religious. I guess you could say she was an atheist up until I started sharing The Good News magazine with her. Now she has recently purchased a Bible and is very enthusiastic about everything that you write.

Reader from Australasia

The Good News is a truly wonderful magazine. It tells us the things that are going on in the world that our news media does not bother mentioning. Everything is now pointing to the return of the King of kings and Lord of lords. May God bless you greatly and give you the courage to speak the truth.

Reader from New Zealand

Helping a bereaved reader

Please find enclosed a cheque as a special donation toward the support of your work in bringing the Scriptures to those who are committed to understand and practice New Testament Christianity—and to those who desire to share God's way of life and to follow our Saviour Jesus Christ. In my state of severe grief after losing my beloved wife to cancer two years ago I enrolled in your free Bible Study Course. This course gave me unimaginable delights and the true meaning of death, which not only helped me to come to terms with my loss, but also strengthened my psychological resilience and belief in Jesus Christ.

D.K., Nottingham, England

Our readers may wish to request or download our free Bible study aid booklet What Happens After Death? The title of the last chapter is "Steps in Dealing With Grief."

Is God a Trinity?

Thank you for your booklet Is God a Trinity? I have prayed to the Lord our God concerning this teaching among other topics in my search for the truth. God has informed me of several truths as I diligently walk with Christ. I have been reading your booklet. The conclusion on page 7 is the same conclusion that I came to. I thank you for your obedience to the Lord our God in delivering this message to me. I will be in touch with you concerning my progress.

T.M., Raleigh, North Carolina

The United Church of God

I have recently moved to Hawaii and was looking to find a church to attend. I have never belonged to a church. I was deployed throughout the Far East for the past 12 years and it was difficult to find a church. I was given your website by a friend, and I found that there is a United Church of God in Hawaii. I was wondering how tithing works. I have had a hard time understanding how much and when to tithe. I've read an article but wanted to be crystal clear about it. I enjoy reading the magazine articles and seeing the media programs.

Reader from Hawaii

We have sent you the church pastor's contact numbers in Hawaii. We also recommend that you request our free booklets The Church Jesus Built, This Is the United Church of God and What does the Bible Teach About Tithing?

My wife, daughter and I are interested in attending the Feast of Tabernacles with the United Church of God this year if possible. We are familiar with and have accepted the doctrinal beliefs listed in the topic session of the United Church of God website. We have kept the weekly Sabbath and the annual Holy Days for a number of years. What are the requirements to attend the Feast of Tabernacles with the United Church of God?

Internet Reader

We have sent the nearest church pastor's contact numbers. He will help you with any questions you may have. Readers who would like to know more about these annual biblical festivals may request or download our free Bible study aid booklet God's Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind.