Letters From Our Readers - May/June 2014

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Letters From Our Readers - May/June 2014

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Feedback from around the world

I have completed your Bible Study Course and found it to be a truly enlightening experience. I am 85 years old and have always had faith in God, but now I am awakened to the works necessary if I am to become a true Christian. Thank you for that knowledge.

Reader in Western Australia

Thank you for all of your excellent works. I'm really inspired by them. Every month I receive your Good News magazine, and I read it with all my attention. May God bless all of your endeavours for the salvation of the lost world. 

Reader in Pakistan 

I have read and am reading a number of your free booklets. From my observations, the United Church of God is a church like none that I have ever seen before, a church that is taking proactive steps in following the example of the early Church and not just saying empty words. From my readings, I have realized that most modern-day churches have forsaken God's law and are instead following doctrines and festivals invented by men under the pretense that Christ came to abolish the law, which is contrary to what He said Himself (Matthew 5:17-19). 

I no longer want to follow that path. I want to align myself spiritually with people who are committed to following the Word of God in its entirety. I was wondering if you have established a fellowship so I could join in and fellowship with you as well. I will patiently await your response. Thank you very much.

Reader in Ghana

The Good News is always informative and enlightening about the reality of God, but the January-February issue is a wonder, a marvel by itself. I have seldom seen so much valuable teachings and knowledge in a single magazine.

H.M., Davao City, Philippines

Beyond Today TV program

I watch the Beyond Today TV program in Columbus, Ohio, but when I got up to watch the program this morning your show was not on. Can you tell me which channel you were switched to? Thanks!

Reader, Internet

Thank you for your interest! March 23 was our final airing on WGN America. Beyond Today now airs exclusively on the ION Television network. To see where you can view our program on the ION Television network, please use their channel finder in the upper right corner of their website at www.iontelevision.com. If you are not able to view our program on ION, our Beyond Today programs are posted online and can be viewed at www.BeyondToday.tv.

Gentlemen, I have to say that your Beyond Today TV program is getting better and better than ever! Your commentators are superb, and your subject matter is right on! You are doing a fabulous job, better than any other speakers on TV, or anywhere else I might add. I am so happy I found the United Church of God; your publications are great and chock full of accurate information. I look forward to attending one of your seminars when possible. Thank you all.

Reader, Internet

I would just like to thank you again for your Beyond Today TV program and to say that I look forward to it every week. Also to thank you for the truth that so many churches don't tell. Thank you also for the many books you have sent and the Bible course. I would like to ask for the booklets The Final Superpower, Is There Really a Devil? and You Can Have Living Faith. Enclosed is a small donation to help with the costs. Thanking you all.

Reader in Queensland, Australia

Donating a wee bit

I sincerely thank you for your magazine and booklets. They help me immensely with my studying of my Bible, which is my most precious possession in this life. I live in rural Victoria, Australia, and would like to send you a donation. Thank you, and may God bless all of you that work so hard on all that you do.

Reader in Australia

I don't remember when The Good News began arriving in my mailbox, and back then I read it only sporadically. But the explanations provided about understanding the Bible caught my attention. Then I noticed your Bible Study series of 12 lessons, and during this process I learned enough to want more. Your booklets have been a Godsend for me.

Growing up I was very involved in church activities. As my children grew we were a family at church every Sunday until, in high school, school activities lured us away. In all those years I never heard the explanations of the Word of God as I have learned them through The Good News. I cannot find the words that would tell you how much your ministry has helped me, and the wee bits of money I send do not remotely express my genuine thanks.  

Reader in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Seeking locations of church congregations

There  are many that talk a good message, but not too many who actually live it out. Thanks for The Good News. Since I started to read this lovely magazine I learned a lot of things that my pastor didn't teach about at the pulpit. Indeed your magazine is the eye-opener. It continues to greatly minister to me and stirred me in a way no book has ever done.

Subjects that I found more powerful are God's seven annual Sabbaths and the truth about His weekly Sabbath day. I'd like to know more about this good news. I will be thankful if you can send me a copy of Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Really Matter Which Days We Observe? I would like to fellowship with you, because I've found out that since I've read and learned about God's seven annual Sabbaths I need to change from attending worship services on Sunday to Saturday. Please send me your nearest church address where I can attend services.

Reader in South Africa

It is a Godsend that I came across the www.ucg.org website. I have been doing lots of reading due to the vast of information that is on your site. I need your recommendation on finding a local church that follows the Word of God. I have been celebrating Christmas, Easter, etc., which are non-biblical, but I have a hard time finding a church to worship that does not follow those ancient rituals. Please help me find a local church. Thanks so much for your consideration.

Reader, Internet  

Thank you in the name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ. I've been searching my whole life to find God and a church that doesn't give me their version of the Bible. I would like to know if you have any churches near. We want to get started right away. Thank you for your work in our Lord.

Reader in Pennsylvania, USA

We have given these readers the location of our closest minister and congregation. For locations and times of services in your area, contact us at the appropriate address on page 2. Those with Internet access can find a complete list of congregations and contact information at www.ucg.org/churches.