Letters From Our Readers - November/December 2013

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Letters From Our Readers - November/December 2013

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"Two Seconds After: What Will You Do When Crisis Overtakes the World?"

I was very interested to read this article. In 2004 we were living in Zimbabwe, farming wheat, soya and maize crops. It was a large farm with 500 hectares under irrigation. We had a large work force with many grannies and grandpas bringing up orphaned children, having lost HIV-affected parents.

We knew farmers were being evicted, but didn't expect it to happen to us so quickly. We had four hours to get off our farm or be killed. Imagine a full house, two vehicles, many farm tractors and implements, and you have four hours to pack and go. This is when you realize what is important. We kept our faith and belief in God. Nothing could take that away. Even though my husband died as a result of all this, I still kept believing and praying. That's how I survived in spite of losing everything I ever owned and worked for.

Reader, Johannesburg, South Africa

Beyond Today TV program

Thank you for The Good News magazine. I especially enjoy the articles encouraging the Christian life. I hereby request your booklet Why Does God Allow Suffering? as advertised on Beyond Today. I've been tithing to the church I go to, but here's a part of my tithe for you on my late husband's inheritance.

Reader, British Columbia, Canada

I just saw your program, and I want to request your free booklet What Does the Bible Teach About Tithing? Do you have any other free offers? It is not very often that you can receive anything free nowadays. I haven't seen your program before, but I like it.

Reader, New South Wales, Australia

All of our booklets, the Bible Study Course and The Good News magazine are free of charge. However, we do accept freewill offerings, as getting the gospel out costs a great deal of money. Many of our booklets are mentioned in The Good News and on Beyond Today.

I am in Australia and just happened to turn the TV on and was impressed with your program. I pray every day in hope that I am loved and accepted by God. So I would like to take the opportunity to receive your free magazine The Good News. I am going to buy a Bible.

Reader, New South Wales, Australia

The Good News

I have been so blessed by The Good News and wanted to thank you for the work you put in and for mailing this publication and other resources available to everyone. Truly your work is building and equipping the body. I have found many of the issues you address to be enlightening and "nourishing food." I also appreciate you tackling important issues that I often find our churches avoiding for the sake of political correctness. Apart from my own personal growth, I would love to work through the Bible Study Course with my two teen daughters in our home school. It looks just like the thing I've been looking for to help equip them for the world they will one day have to contend with on their own.

S-A.V., Chesterfield, England

A few months ago a friend passed me a copy of his old Good News. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and decided to subscribe ourselves. This magazine is now our "must read" magazine in the family. The articles are concise enough to broaden our understanding of the issues surrounding us as Christians, especially with the events now unfolding before our eyes.

Reader, Western Australia

I have found your booklets and magazines to be most enlightening. A great many of the mainstream churches seem to focus on the generosity of Christ's character and His ability to forgive. While this is true, I believe we also need to focus on our own responsibilities and our need to repent. Thank you for your well-balanced beliefs from which we can all learn.

Reader, Tasmania, Australia

I want to thank you and your whole staff for producing the best spiritual magazine in this country—The Good News, a magazine of understanding. It is on point because it tells the truth. It is like no other and keeps me up to date with world events not only in this country, but around the world. So please keep me on your mailing list.

D.C.F., Bessemer, Alabama

May I say how much I value and appreciate the articles in The Good News magazine? Your editorial on the difference between The Good News and other magazines like Time highlights your clear, pointed and precise explanations of events. Your articles help readers to understand current global events from the point of view of Bible prophecy and Bible history. I am praying that The Good News will open the eyes of many more around the world.

S.S., Sri Lanka

The true Christian Sabbath

Thank you for the piece on the Sabbath. Very few churches today will admit that there is no biblical authority for the Sabbath being observed on Sunday instead of Saturday. The article on your website makes total sense to me.

R.B., Internet

I have enjoyed the booklets you have sent me and have found out a lot I didn't know before. I also enjoyed the first lesson of the Bible Study Course and look forward to receiving lesson number two. Studying the booklet Sunset to Sunset: God's Sabbath Rest, I've been thinking all the time that the Sabbath is on Saturday. I now know for sure.

R.R.C., Randleman, North Carolina

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your website. My background has been with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. But I've recently been studying feast days and their application and importance to God's people. As a result, I've branched out to examine and study material from other Sabbath-keeping churches. I believe that a church's website can indicate the level of life or engagement within a church. I really like what I see about your website, including the vast resources, fresh material, DVDs, magazine articles, Bible study material and topical studies. I sense the Spirit of God working through this Church to reach the world with the message of the Kingdom of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. In addition there seems to be an internal focus on nurturing the faith and biblical knowledge of its members.

E.G., Internet

I am so thankful I found your website. I recently stopped going to the Lutheran Church. I am a member because I didn't know that Sunday is not the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments. I live in a very small town in Pennsylvania and don't know where the nearest Sabbath-keeping church is. Can you help me, as I have worshipped alone at home the past three Sabbaths?

J.A., Pennsylvania

I began studying the Bible almost five years ago and have accrued various booklets from different sources. But I have often returned to your literature, as I find it well presented. It helps me to understand the message within the Bible. I have recently begun attending the Sabbath service in Central London and the sermons have been a great help in furthering my understanding of the Scriptures. It has also been helpful to discuss Scripture with others in the congregation. Please find enclosed a donation to the United Church of God.

H.F.H., Amersham, England

Much information about the biblical Sabbath day is available in our free booklet Sunset to Sunset: God's Sabbath Rest. Readers can download this booklet on our website at www.ucg.org/booklets or request it in print. Those who wish to observe the seventh-day Sabbath with United Church of God members can contact our office or elder nearest to them. Contact information for regions around the world appears on the inside front cover of The Good News magazine and at the back of our booklets.

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