Letters From Our Readers - November/December 2014

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Letters From Our Readers - November/December 2014

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Dates of the biblical Holy Days?

I read the information on the biblical Holy Days in the Sept.-Oct. issue. What are the actual months and dates of the seven holy days you discussed in the articles? 

Internet reader

Thank you for your message. Feel free to access our online Holy Day calendar, which lists the dates for all of the upcoming Holy Days from 2014-2019. You can find it online at ucg.org/holy-day-calendar.

Comments on articles about World War I

Of all the Good News issues I've read, your July-August 2014 issue taught me the most. The history of World War I clearly explains the problems of the world today. Your excellent articles opened my eyes to the underlying conflicts of today. I applaud such concise and appealing writers. Over the years of receiving The Good News, I've established a line of readers behind me who greatly enjoy your modern approach to life. Being a reformed Jew, I truly enjoy your responsible and reasonable outlook.

Reader in Illinois

I am writing to tell you how much The Good News magazine is a blessing to me. I have just finished reading "100 Years After World War I: What Have We Learned?" It is excellent. Though I don't always agree with you, your magazines are good. Keep it up.

Reader in Nairobi, Kenya

Comments regarding Beyond Today TV program

Thank you for your Beyond Today TV program. This was my first time catching it and I will definitely stay tuned now. I have been praying for more understanding on this issue of what happens when believers die, and I believe God may have answered my prayer when I stumbled across your show this morning. Thank you very much and God bless.

Viewer in Ohio

I was watching Beyond Today TV and I found it very interesting. You have a free giveaway Bible Study Course. I am interested in it if you could please send it to me. Thank you very much for your efforts. It's really changing my life. God bless you.

Viewer in Queensland, Australia

I've been enjoying your Beyond Today TV program and literature I have received from you. Most of the mainstream churches have got it wrong. Where is your church in Brisbane?

Viewer in Queensland, Australia

I was very interested in everything I heard in your Beyond Today TV program titled "Are You Fighting Against God?" I was wondering if you have any meetings of the United Church of God in Western Australia because we are looking for somewhere to fellowship. I really liked what I heard today, I agree with absolutely everything that the gentleman said and I thought I should contact you and find if there is a group over here that I could attend. I would like to hear back. Thank you very much indeed.

Viewer in Western Australia

We do have groups that meet in Perth and Bunbury. You'll find contact information for our Australian office on the local congregations listing webpage.

Who are you?

I receive The Good News magazine and enjoy reading it. I'm still confused as to whether you are Seventh-day Adventist or what? What do you all call yourselves? Do you worship on Saturday?

Internet reader

Thank you for your interest. The Good News is published by the United Church of God and is not affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventists. We have some doctrines that are similar to the Seventh-day Adventists, the chief one being our observance of the seventh-day Sabbath according to the Ten Commandments. However, there are also a number of major differences between them and us. Rather than attempt to comment on their doctrines, we prefer to inform you about our own. We'll leave others to speak for their own organizations, and you can draw your own comparisons.

We invite you to learn more about the United Church of God by reading our booklets This Is the United Church of God and Fundamental Beliefs of the United Church of God. You can read or download these online or request free printed copies at ucg.org/booklets. At this same location you can find booklets covering virtually all of our beliefs in great detail.

Heartfelt thanks for The Good News and booklets

Thank you very much for the valuable magazine and booklets that you have sent me. You cannot imagine how happy I am to receive your magazine for about 10 years free of charge. I can't find enough paper, ink, or even words to express my feelings on to you. What I am able to say to you is this: God bless you in your ministry. Your writers are really fantastic, and they are leading me into deep meditation. All the booklets I have received are really a blessing to me, and I am greatly enriched spiritually. I keep them carefully because they are a great source of information and inspiration to me.

I would like to apologize that I have not enclosed a contribution or donation towards your expenses. I live in Eritrea (in the Horn of Africa) and am still in national service, but hopefully I will do something soon. Thank you so much for supporting me in my spiritual growth. May God bless you and your ministry. 

Reader in Asmara, Eritrea

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes out to all of you for sending me a free subscription to The Good News magazine. I've learned many things about the world we're living in. It's really very informative reading material! To help me really understand the words of God, please send me the booklets How to Understand the Bible and Jesus Christ the Real Story. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless and guide you all in spreading the gospel! 

Reader in Camarines Sur, Philippines

The Good News magazine is a fixture in my home. I've been receiving issues since 2001 when I was running from doctor to doctor with my younger son who had been injured on the job, and again the same year my older son was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2002. It was a very sad year, but I derived comfort from your magazine and have read it faithfully ever since. Please keep up the good work! It is very much appreciated.

Reader in Colorado

Thank you for sending me the first three lessons of your Bible Study Course. They have helped me immensely. I'm hoping to get my husband to do them. We both are thankful for the work you do in sending out the booklets and magazine. We thirst for knowledge—true biblical knowledge.

Reader in Western Australia

I just received the booklets I requested. Thanks so much. It is really a big help to us who have many questions in following Jesus. In reading the materials, our faith was restored, our long-time questions were answered and more knowledge was poured upon us, especially through the Bible Study Course. In our town, I am the only subscriber and am sharing The Good News to those who need it. I do not have enough words to explain how thankful we are.

Reader in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

I received the booklet Sunset to Sunset: God's Sabbath Rest as I requested. What I found out in reading this booklet really shocked me. Thank you and God bless The Good News worldwide. 

Reader in Masinloc, Philippines

Please accept this donation to help get The Good News out to everyone.

I love it! It has helped me a lot, and I believe like you do. Keep up the good work.

Reader in Oklahoma

I am one of your subscribers who has received copies of the magazine many times, but yet without saying any grateful statements. I am apologizing for such behavior.  My silence doesn't mean I am not thankful.  As a matter of fact, I save all my copies and share some with my friends. This is my way of showing gratitude and honoring to you for choosing me as one of your recipients. If you will, please kindly renew my subscription and please take this as my thanks to you. 

Reader in Davao City, Philippines

People have been questioning my faith and are concerned with why I do not celebrate holidays like Halloween, Easter and Christmas. They constantly ask, "Why do you have to be like that? You can't just have fun? They're about having fun!" I have spent years researching these holidays and the true Holy Days from God. Even if I hadn't done the research, it would take me only five minutes to read the Bible and know what God wants us to celebrate and what He sees as wrong. It became a million times clearer once I discovered the United Church of God and your amazing booklets. 

Internet reader