Letters From Our Readers - September/October 2014

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Letters From Our Readers - September/October 2014

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Appreciation for The Good News

I'm very much thankful to you for always sending me The Good News magazine. I really find it helpful and a vital source of information based on biblical principles and perspective of present issues facing our world today.  Thank you for continuing my subscription. I am very much encouraged and thrilled whenever I receive your magazine and I always read it right away. I can really find the answers to life's major questions. 

Subscriber in Western Samar, Philippines

Yours is the only reliable magazine on matters of Christian faith and of the present world we live in. Sometimes I read some articles over and over again. I cannot believe I was taught these things so differently. Please continue sending me your magazines—it's most appreciated! Enclosed is a small donation for your magnificent work.

Subscriber in Cheltenham, England

Thank you very much. Your magazine is informative and religious in nature and not politically motivated.

Subscriber in Narra, Palawan, Philippines

Thanks for free booklets

I have read over 30 booklets so far and it has completely changed my life for the better. I have a much better understanding and things look clearer now than ever. These booklets are a Godsend.

Internet reader

I wanted to thank you for providing material that is free. I thirst for our Father's Word. I'm disabled and receive only a small amount of monthly income so I am unable to buy any publications. I absolutely love the Bible study lessons. Again, thank you for giving me an opportunity to receive your materials to have a better understanding. May God bless you much.

Reader in South Carolina

Beyond Today TV program

I first saw your program on the TV this week. I didn't want to move until it was over—I wanted to hear all you had to say! This program on heaven and hell was very good information.

Viewer in Minnesota

This is the most wonderful magazine and booklets that have changed my life. It's a pity that you are not on TV in South Africa.

Reader, South Africa

Current Beyond Today programs, plus hundreds of archived episodes, are available for viewing online at www.BeyondToday.tv. They cover a wide variety of topics like those covered in The Good News.

BT Daily: "What Is the Soul?"

I am agnostic and am currently studying the Bible over multiple translations without a particular religion in mind. I just want to know what the Bible says in its pure form before I make up my mind about God. Your program is very true. When we really look at the Bible, many Christ-based religions are exposed as veering away from or contorting what the Bible actually says. That and also studying world history and doctrines of a number of today's prominent religions, it's easy to spot which are among the "false religions" the Bible mentions. Thank you for the uploads.

Internet viewer

Interested viewers can watch our short BT Daily videos on biblical topics and current news and trends at www.ucg.org/beyond-today/daily.

Is the rapture real?

I was watching your program on TV, and I'm requesting the booklet The Rapture vs. the Bible. Your program is helping me understand the truth about what the Bible really teaches and not what people say it does.

Viewer in British Columbia, Canada

I am a Southern Baptist pastor who has some doubts about the rapture. I found your article "The Rapture—a Popular but False Doctrine" to kind of match what I have discovered. I would like to put a copy of this in my files for further study and reference and to use excerpts to help my congregation understand why I am leaning toward no rapture. This is a hard doctrine to dismiss because it has been so ingrained, but in all my reading of Scripture I just don't see it.

Reader in Texas

Belief in the popular rapture concept is indeed deeply ingrained in much of today's religious teaching. But is it biblical? Interested readers can find the article "The Rapture—a Popular but False Doctrine". The Beyond Today program "Is the Rapture Real?". Both examine how the popular rapture teaching doesn't square with the Bible.

"Bizarre new teaching" backed up in Scripture

I came across your booklets The Ten Commandments, Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Observe? and What Is Your Destiny? They're wonderful booklets, and what I am learning hit me like a thunder strike. What surprises me more is that as bizarre as the new teachings I'm learning initially appeared to me, you have convincing biblical scriptures to back them up.

Many of the doctrines I held to be true or biblical since I started attending churches are beginning to crumble in my face. Although I had never given them a critical look, I didn't guess that churches could be preaching or spreading false teaching. I would like to enroll in your Bible Study Course to learn more about your church and doctrines.

Reader in Thailand

Donations from grateful readers

Enclosed is a small donation to help your ministry. Please keep sending me your great magazines. I enjoy them very much, and they have answered many questions for me.

Reader in Ontario, Canada

My responsibility of sharing the truth of our Creator and Saviour with others is made much easier when I can refer them to your magazine and booklets. Please accept this small contribution to cover the costs of those you've sent. I also introduced others to The Good News and the booklets. Your efforts are bearing fruit, and I am happy to do my little to support God's work in these last days.

Reader in Queensland, Australia

Please accept our tithe offering for God to use as He sees fit through your ministry and church. A big thank you to your church. I watch the Beyond Today programme on both Saturday and Sunday. It has helped me turn my life around for God, and I and my family are greatly blessed by God through your church and Beyond Today and the booklets I have received. God bless you all mightily and protect you all and your families.

Viewer in Victoria, Australia

Where can I find a congregation near me?

I have just read your Bible Study Course lesson 12 on God's festivals. Is there a church near me where I can celebrate these days?

Reader in Missouri

I am an avid reader of your Good News magazine, and I want to get baptised. I am wondering where your closest congregation is to me so I can be baptised. Thank you for your time.

Reader in Queensland, Australia

A current list of congregations around the world, along with contact information for the closest minister, can be found online

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