Letters From Our Readers: September/October 2015

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Letters From Our Readers

September/October 2015

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Comments about the July-August issue

Thank you for the article “The Worst World War Is Yet to Come” in the July-August issue. It helps those who love God without measure to prepare for the time that is coming. Courage is required, but God has always rescued me in the nick of time, no matter what the trial. Daniel of the Bible is another good example of courage without compromise—God delivered him without fail.

We should be willing to lay down our lives to defend His holy honor at any given time because we know about the hope of eternal life! The end of this age will test our strength of character. May we pray that His Kingdom comes quickly!

From the Internet

Good reading! I am tired of all the warfare, corruption, collusion and greed in this world! Pride, envy, greed, gluttony, laziness, lust and wrath dominate all too much of humankind’s endeavors. God save us from ourselves!

From the Internet

Thanks for Good News articles

It gives me a great feeling knowing that there is a Christian Church willing to not only admit the truth, but also to explain it for all to see. I am so thankful for your articles. They shine light on the history and the misrepresentation of Christianity, and how it has unfortunately caused Scripture to be misunderstood. I hope that more and more of this type of information will come to the surface. God is about love and truth. Thank you!

From the Internet

I just want to send you a note to express my appreciation for your publications. I, as a retired university professor, appreciate good biblical research. With my teachings of ancient history that covered Islam, Christianity and the heroes of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, I feel I have a basic understanding of Christ’s teachings.

I have spent hours in the Garden of Gethsemane and spent hours in Old Jerusalem. I am a pioneer in the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, being associated with them from an early date. I tell you this so you will understand my appreciation for your publication. Incidentally I do read Greek, Latin and a bit of Hebrew. Sincerely, and thanks for your good publications.

Reader in Temecula, California

Feedback on previous issues

Thank you for explaining the meaning of Ephesians 2:8-9 Ephesians 2:8-9 [8] For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: [9] Not of works, lest any man should boast.
American King James Version×
in the article in the May-June issue titled “Is Belief All That’s Required for God’s Gift of Salvation?” I have always wondered how eternal life can be a gift if one has to do something to earn it. The analogy of a self-addressed envelope to receive a $100 bill as gift made it as clear as day. Thank you again. I do believe that the Holy Spirit is guiding you!

From the Internet

I found a copy of The Good News being given away at our local library. It is pretty beat up, but the information is so important! May I have another copy of the March-April 2015 issue? I would also like a subscription. Thank you!

Reader in Louisiana, United States

Thanks for your interest! You may be interested to know that all of our previous issues—20 years’ worth—are archived online at www.ucg.org/the-good-news

Thank you for The Good News magazine that you’ve been sending me since 2010. All your articles are enlightening, informative and up-to-date, and have helped me in my spiritual growth. I am so blessed to know your organization and your magazine. I came to know the incredible truth about the pagan origins of Easter and Christmas through your magazine.

I even came to know the truth about the biblical festivals we are supposed to observe, and especially about the Sabbath. Even though I was familiar with God’s Word beforehand, I never had any particular interest in which day we are supposed to observe. But by God’s grace, I came to know the truth through your magazine.

Subscriber in India

I’m writing to say thank you so much for all the great issues that you have sent to me the past two years. I’ve enjoyed every single article and am still eager to read more.

Reader in Morocco

Although I am an atheist, I find The Good News magazine very informative and always enjoy reading it. Please keep me subscribed.

Subscriber in Honiton, England

I have learned so much about the Bible since subscribing to The Good News. You make the Bible come alive, and for that I am very grateful.

Reader from Slough, England

I am greatly impressed with The Good News. It is of great concern in this age we live. It’s a great help to get a biblical explanation.

Subscriber in Devizes, England

Beyond Today TV program comments

I had the joy of watching your program this morning. I watch it every week and find it very rewarding. I read The Good News magazine cover to cover, and it makes me better understand my Bible. I thank God that He showed me your program!

Viewer in Buffalo, New York

I was not aware of Beyond Today television until, by pure accident, I came across one of your episodes: “God’s Plan for the Middle East.” Unfortunately, your TV show does not seem to air on Australian television. I would be obliged if you could send me a hard copy of the booklet The Middle East in Bible Prophecy.

From the Internet

In fact, Beyond Today does air in Australia and several other countries. Viewers can find the details at beyondtoday.tv/schedule.

Excited to find answers

It gives me a great feeling knowing that there is an actual Christian Church willing not only to admit the truth but also to post the truth for all to see. I am so glad that these articles shine light on the history and the misrepresentation of Christianity and how it has unfortunately caused Scripture to be misunderstood. I certainly hope that more and more of this type of information will come to the surface. After all, God is about love and truth. Thank you.

Internet reader

Thank you for all your wonderful studies, teachings and information. Your church is the best place for help in finding the truth in the Bible. I have been trying to make sense of certain scriptures for years, and now I truly can.

Internet reader

Please accept a donation

I recently received quite a few booklets from your organization, which I am excited to read! Based on their titles, they seem to be touching upon topics that I really want to explore further. I love that they are Bible-based, and I am able to look up each scripture you reference to meditate on. Please accept my donation. I would also like to mention a gentleman from Beyond Today in Cincinnati answered a letter I wrote when I was feeling discouraged. I am so thankful for that letter! He provided valuable information to me. So thanks to all of you!

Reader in Illinois

Please find a check for our tithes enclosed. Before now our tithes have been faithfully paid to a local church. We do not believe many things this church believes, so we stopped attending, but we kept sending our tithes. But we would rather pay tithes to a church that believes the way we do. We called the phone number in The Good News and made arrangements to send tithes to the United Church of God. Thank you for your wonderful magazine, the Bible Study Course lessons, and your helpful staff. May God bless and keep your good works going!

Subscribers in Georgia

Looking for like-minded worshippers

I am looking for a church location near my home. I was wondering if there were any United Church of God members close to me who fellowship on the Sabbath.

Reader in Virginia

Is there a fellowship in my region in Australia? I would love to be around some people of like mind in person. Thanks for your work!

Reader in New South Wales, Australia

I would like to know more about your church. I have been going to the Church of England for many years.

Reader in England

Interested readers can find locations and contact information for local congregations of the United Church of God, publisher of The Good News, at www.ucg.org/congregations. To learn more about us, we recommend the free resources This Is the United Church of God and The Church Jesus Built.

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