Middle East Oil and the Clash of Two Civilizations

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Middle East Oil and the Clash of Two Civilizations

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Author David Burnett comments: "Oil has given the Muslim world an economic and political power for use against the dominant Christian world. The oil is believed by Muslims to have been placed there by Allah, and is given for the propagation of Islam. For this reason, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries are using their newfound wealth for the extension of Islam" (Clash of Worlds, 2002, p. 123, emphasis added).

Using this massive transfer of wealth from the West to Islamic countries, Muslims have constructed hundreds of mosques in major Western cities, established influential TV and radio stations in various places, and printed and distributed vast amounts of literature to facilitate the spread of Islam. Islamic forces are on the offensive in the West and throughout the world. If it's not there already, Islam is coming soon to your corner of the world.