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More Good News for You!

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With this issue we're making some major changes to The Good News to make it an even more valuable and helpful resource for you!

As you read through this issue, you'll no doubt notice several things that are different. First of all, we're adding 16 more pages to give you more Good News.

For the last 13 years we've produced a sister publication, World News and Prophecy, devoted to explaining what's going on in our world in the light of Bible prophecy. For much of that time we've mailed it to 30,000 to 50,000 subscribers, a much smaller audience than The Good News' 300,000-350,000 subscribers.

Considering how the world is rapidly changing before our eyes, and in ways foretold long ago by the biblical prophets, we thought it appropriate to merge World News and Prophecy into The Good News so far more readers could benefit from that valuable information. It's also a better use of resources since we're able to send the same total number of pages to the wider audience for a far lower mailing cost.

As a result, you'll notice a new section in this magazine titled "World News and Prophecy." Here you'll find the news articles and features you're used to seeing in The Good News, as well as additional articles from the writers of World News and Prophecy.

In our fast-changing world, it's more important than ever that we understand where we're going—and even more important, why. The Good News will continue to be a magazine of understanding, helping you to see why the world is in the sad condition it's in. The reasons are right there in your Bible, and we'll continue to open it up for your understanding.

This issue's in-depth focus on Islam is an example. In the following articles you'll see things seldom if ever discussed in most news articles and magazines. Yet without an understanding of the teachings of the Koran and of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, you'll be at a loss to understand what's really behind most of the wars and civil unrest taking place around the world today.

It seems evident that most writers and reporters are deliberately obscuring Islam's role in world events, but we take you right to the heart and core of the problem so you can see what's really going on.

You'll notice other changes in this issue, too. We're organizing the content into sections so you can easily find the information most helpful to you—whether news in the light of Bible prophecy, Christian living, the latest discoveries about science and the Bible, or articles explaining biblical teachings and how to live by them.

In particular, we're starting two more regular features to help you better understand the Bible. One is a new column titled "Follow Me," by longtime World News and Prophecy columnist Robin Webber. In each issue he'll explain different aspects of what it means to embrace Jesus Christ's challenging admonition to "Follow Me."

Another new feature you'll find is a mini-study on a particular biblical topic. In it we'll cover any number of scriptural subjects in a short, two-page overview. In this first installment we look at a particularly important foundational subject—how the Bible provides both practical answers for life now as well as real hope for the future.

That, my friends, is truly Good News. We deeply appreciate the generosity of our growing family of coworkers who make sharing this with you possible.