Some of the Freedoms God Offers Us

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Some of the Freedoms God Offers Us

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Consider the many wonderful freedoms God offers us:

Freedom from spiritual ignorance and blindness (John 8:12, 47; Matthew 13:16-17).

Freedom from the penalties of sin—eternal death and the automatic penalties in this life (John 5:24-25; 1 Corinthians 15:54; Hebrews 2:9).

Freedom from condemnation and guilt (Romans 8:1-2; Hebrews 10:22).

Freedom from bondage and enslavement to sins and addictions (John 8:32-36; Romans 6:4-6, 12-18).

Freedom from many health problems and other burdens as God heals us and helps us (Psalm 103:2-4; Matthew 9:35; Luke 4:18; James 5:14-16) and the strength to deal with the sufferings we must face in this life as we follow the steps of our loving Savior (1 Peter 2:21). 

Freedom to pray at any time and know that God hears us and answers (1 John 3:22; 5:14-15).

Freedom from severe lack of needs (Psalm 23:1; Matthew 7:7-11).

Freedom from the burden of legalism—from the burden of seeking to earn justification by one's own works as the religious Jews of Jesus' day were trying to do (Galatians 2:4; 5:1-4, 13-15).

Increasing freedom from evil human nature as we grow spiritually (Romans 8:7-9; 7:24-25; 6:6, 16-22).

Freedom from fear of death and other fears (1 John 4:18; Hebrews 2:14-15; Matthew 10:26, 28, 31; Psalm 23:4).

And many other freedoms—study the Scriptures, think about it and make your own list!