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The Divine Secret

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A Good News interview with author Joe Kovacs. Listen to the complete MP3 audio interview.


The Divine Secret, published July 17, 2012, is a sequel to Joe Kovacs 2008 best seller, Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You've Never Been Told (see our previous interview with Joe Kovacs in the March/April 2010 issue of The Good News).

The Good News: Can you give us a brief rundown on your professional work—what you do beyond writing your helpful books?

Joe Kovacs: I'm a news reporter by trade and have been in the news industry since age 19 when I started in radio. I was in radio for about 10 years and made the jump to television and ran some television stations for five years.

Then I moved to Europe as the editor for the Budapest Business Journal and am now back in America as executive editor for (World Net Daily), the leading Internet news site. So I'm a news junkie, basically. I just find, write and report news.

GN: It's clear from your work on the WND website that you're very good at what you do.

JK: We're just trying to do the job that the rest of the media is failing to do in order to inform Americans on the news that they want to know. I think that what I have written in my book The Divine Secret is the biggest story of all time. And I'm not trying to scoop anybody that has this information out there, but people have not been paying attention to what this huge news is.

GN: I agree. Your new book is The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny. We'll get to that in a moment, but would you give us a brief update on the details of your first book Shocked by the Bible and how it was received—how some appreciate it and perhaps some who didn't, and why?

JK: Shocked by the Bible was my first book ever, and I never thought I was ever going to be an author. But I wrote Shocked by the Bible because I got fed up with hearing untruths about the Bible in the media, whether it was television or the radio, or just in general discourse in life.

People misquote the Bible, and they think it contains things that are simply not there. This reached a critical point with me, where I said that somebody has got to put an end to this. Let's just get the facts on the table and clear everything up.

The book rocketed to number one on even before it was officially released in 2008, and I was stunned by that myself. The book is still available, and people can go to if they would like their own personalized copy.

When the book first came out, I think that many Christians thought wrongly, for some reason, that I was putting down the Bible and putting down Christianity. That is not the case at all. I'm a Bible-believing Christian, and I want people to read the Bible. And all they have to do is crack open their own Bibles and read the words on the page and they'll be shocked, like I was shocked, by what is actually there.

GN: I really appreciate that, having with others written about what's in the Bible for a number of decades. But you write in such a way that people out here in the nonreligious world can read your book—and even those in the religious world—and not see you as connected in some way with a particular religious group. In that sense, you are unique.

JK: Many people have actually told me exactly that—that it's because I am not connected to any official group or church and that I'm just a guy, an American, a Christian, and I write news for a living and I just want to help educate people to the truth.

The truth is in the Bible, and it's all revealed there—every part of the Bible is true. So I'm just using my God-given talent. I don't claim any talents on my own. It's all a gift from the Creator of the universe. I'm trying to help people understand that billions of people on this earth have a fantastic future coming to them if they just wake up out of their slumber and read the Bible and find out what it is.

GN: People have their own worldviews, see things from their own perspective, and they're protective about that. So it's difficult to make an inroad into their lives, as you're doing here. It's vitally important what you're doing.

So let's get into your new book now. Considering the success of your first book Shocked by the Bible, I wonder what motivated you to come up with this sequel, The Divine Secret. What's the bridge between the two books? Did the idea come from the first book, something you researched there, or did it just come to you unexpectedly?

JK: After the first book, Shocked by the Bible, I realized that people had a huge interest in one subject that I briefly touched on in the first book—and that focuses on our incredible destiny. It seems like everyone wants to know what's in store for them in the future, and there are so many unanswered questions such as the meaning of life, what lies ahead in the future, and what in the world is God actually doing with people?

I thought, the Bible's told them the answers. And it provides solid answers, answers they most likely have never heard—and answers much better than "Oh, God only knows," or "I guess we'll find out after we're dead." It's very good news, by the way—it's the greatest news you could possibly imagine.

GN: That's a good way you put it. I liked in particular something in your book, where you not only show a scripture or a number of scriptures supporting your point, but you go into that verse itself and either highlight it or capitalize it—and you make come alive that aspect of the verse that you're showing is really what you find in the Word of God when you study it. You bring that out for the reader to see.

JK: When I read other people's books about God or the Bible or religious matters, I tend to be bored by them—not because of the writer's writing style, but they don't put the Bible verses in their writings. They will just refer to the verses, like Genesis 1:1.

But if you're not a Bible expert, you're not going to know what's in it. So I actually copy and paste the whole Bible verse. You don't even have to have a Bible to read The Divine Secret or Shocked by the Bible. I want people to see the words on the page, the words they've never seen before—or maybe they have seen them but they just haven't had a light bulb go off in their head and say, "Oh, this really says this."

For example, the Bible doesn't say there are three wise men coming to the manger. It doesn't say there were wise men coming to the manger to see Jesus the night when He was born. There was an unspecified number who showed up some time later, but they didn't show up when Jesus was born. So I want people to see the words on the page.

A unique highlight of The Divine Secret, my new book, is that I put all personal comments from God in red letters, even from the Old Testament. Now I know many people have red-letter New Testament versions of the Bible where the words of Jesus are shown in red letters, but now you can see the words of God in red from the Old Testament as well. So every time God is speaking personally, like "Let us make man in our image," those words show up in red in The Divine Secret.

GN: That's unique! I've never seen that before.

JK: I think it's a fantastic feature that will help to wake people up and make them realize that the God of the Old Testament is actually the One who became Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and it really stands out on the page and it gets your attention to see things that you may have glossed over before.

GN: Let's get into your own thinking—how you came to this. In the table of contents, you have only three chapters, but they cover 180 pages of narrative. Give us a short overview of why you chose the structure you did.

JK: Well, the book is titled The Divine Secret, and I thought about how to present this in an easy format, and I started off in chapter one saying that the Bible declares that it has a secret.

You see so many times statements in it about "God's secret," "God's secret wisdom," "a mysterious plan," "a wonderful secret," "the secret of the Good News" and "the mystery of the kingdom of God." So the Bible has what it calls "a secret."

Colossians 1:26 says that this is the secret that has been hidden from everyone since the beginning of time. So right off the bat I established the fact that the Bible does have its secrets.

The rest of the chapter—I don't make you wait until the end of the book to find what the divine secret is. (I knew that it would really irk some people to wait to find out what it is.) So by the end of chapter one, I do show what the divine secret is—so people wouldn't get too antsy before they get to the end of the book.

I tell them what the divine secret is, and it has to do with our ultimate destination. And the remaining chapters, two and three, have to do with what the meaning of the secret is as it applies to our lives and the coming Kingdom of God, and how the world and the universe will be structured as Jesus Christ and God the Father come from heaven to dwell here on earth.

GN: I just noticed that you go from the secret itself, what it is, and then you go to how we can apply it personally, and finally how it applies to the world at large, which kind of gets us out of our selfish way of thinking.

JK: People in this world, in our temporary existence, we are not eternal but instead mortal creations of God, who are in training. People want to know how things benefit them. That's why self-help books are so popular. Everybody wants to know how they can improve their health, or cook better, or make more money.

It's always the books about self-help that are the best sellers. And The Divine Secret, considering the subject, is one of the best self-help books ever. But you realize that you need God's help to help you. You can't just do it on your own. When you allow God into your life, you will have success—and it's success beyond your wildest dreams. If people knew what was coming, if they knew their destination, then they would get their act together.

GN: There's so much more we could cover. Thank you for this interview about your new book The Divine Secret. We wish you the best success on your unique treatment of God's divine secret for the benefit of all humanity.


A longer audio interview, from which this is excerpted, can be accessed on this book review webpage - "Book Review - The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny". It covers much more of the material from the book.