World News and Trends: A tipping point: Muslims outnumber Catholics

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A tipping point: Muslims outnumber Catholics

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For the first time in modern history, Islam has overtaken Roman Catholicism as the biggest single religious denomination in the world (Reuters, March 30, 2008). Muslims number 1.3 billion, compared to 1.13 billion Catholics—although if all Christian groups were considered together, the number would be about 2 billion. Higher birthrates have tipped the scales in favor of the Muslims over the Catholics.

Islamic extremists want to dominate and conquer both Europe and America. This seems an impossible task, but they are dedicated to this end. Some of them opt for Europe first, since it is next door. Others argue for toppling America first, since it is seen as the greater obstacle to Muslim domination of the world.

In the view of these extremists, both are enemies. They remember the Crusades from Europe in the late 11th century and view American intervention in the Middle East as simply the latest Crusade to subjugate Muslims. To learn how this will all play out in Bible prophecy, download or request your free copy of The Middle East in Bible Prophecy. (Source: Reuters.)