World News and Trends: America's cultural trends threaten further decline

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America's cultural trends threaten further decline

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This is a pretty chilling prediction for the futures of the nation's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Since then, Mr. Bennett says there have been positive improvements in some areas, such as reductions in welfare, violent crime and abortion and an upswing in SAT scores. Still, social regression continues in the areas of illegitimacy, single-parent households and cohabitation. Divorce rates have increased 115 percent from 1960-1997.

Mr. Bennett also notes that even during a time of record prosperity, the United States is becoming a more violent, vulgar, cynical, remorseless and depressed nation. The entertainment media's presentations of brutal, gruesome deaths rob children of their innocence early on. Men and women abandon each other and their children more readily. Marriage and the family are weaker and less stable.

He does, however, think there is hope for America's future. But restoring a society is no simple task. "Our capacity for self-renewal is unique and real. We have relied upon it in the past and must call on it again." That's the conventional wisdom—but the uncomfortable fact is that human nature can't change itself, and with time and no outside help societies generally tend to only get worse. Nevertheless, there's great hope for your future and the future of all societies. Write for our free booklets The Gospel of the Kingdom and Transforming Your Life: The Process of Conversion.

(Source: New Jersey Index of Leading Cultural Indicators.)