World News and Trends: America's famous optimism sorely tested

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America's famous optimism sorely tested

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The publisher, Alfred Regnery, summed up the general feelings: "There is no question that we have had our share of problems, and still do. But the good news is, we have always been able to recover and re-emerge to the exceptional place that the world expects us to be . . . Americans are the most resourceful people in the world."

But Mr. Regnery did acknowledge "the wet blanket of suffocating government" as a very serious challenge. As a precondition to recovery, some of the nine respondents wanted a change of national administration in 2012.

A recent Newsweek report about America's condition gives one pause for thought. "Three out of four people believe the economy is stagnant or getting worse. One in three are uneasy about getting married, starting a family, or being able to buy a home. Most say their relationships have been damaged by economic woes, or, perhaps more accurately, the dread and nervousness that accompanies them" (Tony Dokoupil, "Mad as Hell," June 6, 2011).

In fact, the most serious challenge to America's national well-being continues to be an increasing failure to read and live by the Word of God as revealed in Scripture. A recent survey published in the May 24, 2011, edition of USA Today showed that nearly half of Americans rarely even open a Bible.

In addition to our regular magazine, the publishers of The Good News also offer a variety of free booklets, including one titled Making Life Work. With the Bible as its basis, this publication covers marriage and family life, workable child-rearing tips, right friendships, finding success in job and career, financial security and keys to a long, peaceful and healthy life. This booklet, if followed, will help most anyone to get back on the right track materially and spiritually. (Sources: The American Spectator, Newsweek, USA Today.)

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