World News and Trends: Attacks on marriage continue unabated

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Attacks on marriage continue unabated

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The Daily Telegraph of London bluntly noted: "Government support for gay couples and single parents, the rise in cohabitation and an official failure to support traditional marriage are said to have resulted in previously unconventional lifestyles becoming widely accepted" (Jan. 23, 2008).

Britain 's National Centre for Social Research recently conducted its regular survey of British social attitudes. The results show that "marriage—once the bedrock institution of British society—is seen by two thirds of people as virtually indistinguishable from cohabitation" (ibid.). Yet the average cost of a traditional wedding in the United Kingdom amounts to well over £17,000 ($34,000). This is a curious anomaly.

The lead editorial in that same Daily Telegraph said that "champions of 'alternative' lifestyles will be cheered by the results" of the survey. But in reality the whole nation should be in mourning. These anti-biblical trends attacking the marriage institution are part of a Satanic conspiracy to bring Britain and other Western countries to their knees.

In God's eyes it does not matter how the majority of the population views human relationships. Our Creator clearly states in Malachi 2:16 that He hates divorce. He is also infuriated with middle-aged men who abandon their wives to marry younger women (verse 14).

The institution of marriage was established at creation and is sacred to God and Jesus Christ (see Mark 10:1-12). Any sexual relationship outside that basic biblical standard is a sin—a "transgression of [God's] law" (1 John 3:4, KJV).

To understand how you can improve your own marriage and family relationships by following the guidance outlined in the Bible, request or download your free copy of Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension. (Source: The Daily Telegraph [London].)