World News and Trends: Berlin and Washington: a shifting relationship

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Berlin and Washington: a shifting relationship

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In recent years France normally played the role of obstructing American policy goals and intentions. This habitual French posture eased considerably after the election of President Nicolas Sarkozy. Now it's Germany. One senior American official labeled Berlin as "the new Paris."

The Economist reported: "On Russia, Iran and Afghanistan—trouble spots that matter to both countries—Germany's position is annoying Washington. At the NATO summit in Bucharest [Romania] last April, [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel stood most visibly against American pressure to grant a Membership Action Plan—a road-map to join the alliance—to Ukraine and Georgia. This was a marked change from previous summits at which France habitually obstructed American proposals.

"After Russian troops pushed into Georgia in August, America wanted to ostracise the Kremlin while Germany appeared eager to return to business as usual. Germany had been the leading Western sceptic in toughening economic sanctions on Iran to discourage its alarming uranium-enrichment programme" (Nov. 1, 2008). German exports to Iran are greater than those of any other Western country. Russia is one of Germany's main trading partners. Berlin imports about a third of its gas and oil from Moscow.

The question was asked in an International Herald Tribune daily column: "Could you get elected German Chancellor Sept. 27 next year if your opponents say your goals are 'emancipating' Germany and Europe from the United States, and setting a policy course for a Europe 'equidistant' between Russia and the Americans? Could be" (Sept. 16, 2008). These shifts on the international stage are in line with the direction in which Central Europe is prophesied to go at the time of the end. To understand more, request or download our free booklet The Book of Revelation Unveiled.