World News and Trends- Britain's solution: an EU defense force?

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World News and Trends- Britain's solution

an EU defense force?

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Veteran Times columnist Peter Riddell titled his similar piece: "Let's take a risk and let Brussels play with our soldiers." He began the text of his article: "The European Defence Plan is good news for Europe, the United States and for NATO" (Dec. 4, 2003). But is it really? Not if you truly understand how biblical prophecy will ultimately unfold in Central Europe. both paraphrased and quoted the EU's military chief Gustav Hägglund, speaking Jan. 18 at a defense conference in Sweden. In urging Europe to carry its defense burden separately from America, he specifically said: "My prediction is that this will happen within the next ten years."

Are these developments intended to be the long-term solution for the decline in British armed forces—to integrate the U.K. army into Europe? If so, the perils that may be ahead could pale even the sufferings of World War II into insignificance. To understand more fully, please request our free booklet Are We Living in the Time of the End? (Sources: The Independent, The Times [both London],

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