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Building the behemoth

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Thus Europe is quietly ramping up its defensive capabilities. On April 5 in Brussels, the European Union endorsed 2007 as the date by which it plans to formulate six or seven battle groups of 1,500 each, able to fight in the world's most hostile and dangerous locations.

"It is hoped the groups will be deployable within 15 days and sustainable for 30 days (120 with rotation), as preparation for a larger EU contingent, if necessary. The EU had previously agreed to have 60,000 rapid reaction troops available at 60 days' notice, sustainable for up to one year by the beginning of this year. Now some say these new battle group proposals signal a watering down of the EU's ambitions after laborious work was made of the 60,000 goal. The EU's Foreign Policy representative, Javier Solana, emphasized ... 'You must get it out of your minds that the EU is starting from scratch. Lots of things are ready. For operations of this size, we have at this point enough capabilities to deploy them,' he told journalists" ( , April 5).

Bible prophecy tells us that in the end time, a European-centered power will dominate the world (see " The Rising European Superpower: Prophesied in the Bible?,"). Keep your eyes on the EU's internal and foreign policies. The EU-endorsed battle groups appear to be the tiny bud of a great blossoming standing army.

The Middle East cauldron will eventually stir up and directly affect this coming great behemoth.

You might well live to see it happen! (Source: