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Does Europe need a superman?

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British Prime Minister Tony Blair makes a speech about Europe every six months or so. All of these talks praise the growing value of U.K. membership in the European Union. But the British electorate instinctively resists European influence and would now easily defeat any referendum on joining the euro currency.

Although the "dead" constitution is gradually being implemented through the back door, the general feeling of the electorate in many member states is that the EU is at best treading water rather than moving dynamically forward.

One British journalist, Charles Nevin, seems to have put his finger on the future, writing, "As I believe the Romans used to put it, what's lacking is big unifying ideas and symbols, something to rally around, something uniquely European, something that will send pride surging into our European hearts."

Later in the article Mr. Nevin said something almost prophetic: "It is easy to see the advantages of having an emperor who is also a god possessed of the power to end your life with the downward flick of a thumb." This is what the German nation unwittingly voted for in 1933. Continuing, Nevin mused about the legendary Holy Roman Emperor Charles the Great (A.D. 742-814), usually known as Charlemagne—head of one of the periodic historic revivals of the old Roman Empire.

Although the article was somewhat tongue in cheek, it reminds one of the stark biblical prophecies about the darkening future of Central Europe . Both the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation foretell a cruel dictatorship coming in Europe . The crucial benchmark will be the very last revival of ancient Rome with not one but two principal figures ruling the roost.

The Bible calls the political leader the Beast and the religious leader the False Prophet. They will not be ordinary politicians or bureaucrats who gradually rise to power in the process of time, but two charismatic men who will sway the world to their deadly agenda with their words and actions. Resistance will not be tolerated, and those who persist in opposition will be martyred.

Does that seem impossible? Remember that just over 60 years ago Europe was ruled by an elected dictator, Adolf Hitler. But his 12-year reign (1933-1945) of terror and murder (against minority groups in particular) was only a forerunner of what is foretold to come. To understand more, please request or download our two free booklets The Book of Revelation Unveiled and How to Understand Bible Prophecy. (Sources: The Independent [ London ], Financial Times.)