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Don't Lose sight of China

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True, the United States' main focus is on the twin evils of terrorism and the dictatorial regime in Iraq. Nonetheless our peripheral vision should embrace both Europe and Asia. We have to maintain a worldview of events.

Nationally syndicated columnist Joseph Perkins summed up the latest Chinese threat by quoting Michael Ledeen, vice president of the congressionally appointed bipartisan U.S.-China Security Commission: "We are concerned when we see constant rhetorical attacks on the United States, constant warnings to the United States, that if push comes to shove, China is perfectly happy to fight a war against us. And then to see a strategic doctrine from the Chinese military that lays out the ways in which they propose to win that war."

America needs to take note of Beijing's aggressive military buildup and periodic warnings about its intentions regarding Taiwan. China desperately wants to expand its influence, viewing the United States as a serious impediment to its growing ambitions in Southeast Asia. According to the U.S.-China Security Commission, the aim of the Chinese military buildup is "to deter, deny or complicate the ability of foreign forces to intervene on Taiwan's behalf."

Columnist Perkins concludes with this astonishing statement: "Beijing is no less a threat to the safety of the American people than Osama bin Laden's terrorists." (Source: The Washington Times.)