World News and Trends: Fidel Castro's regime eroding?

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Fidel Castro's regime eroding?

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Cuban President Fidel Castro temporarily ceded power recently to his brother, Raul, when he was hospitalized for surgery. Either President Castro is dying or he is testing the Cuban people to see how well the communist politburo is ensconced. Raul Castro is faithful to his brother Fidel, but most political watchers say he doesn't possess the charisma that Fidel has. That can spell a big difference.

Fidel has ruled Cuba for a surprising 47 years, a long tenure for any leader. The U.S. naval blockade of Soviet ships bringing war munitions to Cuba in the 1960s dampened his brash international threats. His government suffered greatly with the Soviet collapse. Riots followed this signal event.

Are we seeing the end of Fidel's regime and the possibility of a more democratic form of Cuban government? Exiled Cubans in Miami hope so. They have family ties in Cuba and a love for their native land. Cuba would benefit greatly from a free society, both in tourism, fishing, sugar, tobacco and rum, as well citrus, cocoa and nickel.

Equally, the United States would benefit internally and externally, and there would be one less government threatening it.