World News and Trends: French schools offer morning-after pills

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French schools offer morning-after pills

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However, a recent French-government decision to offer teenage girls morning-after pills—designed to induce spontaneous abortions—shocked many parents.

Under the French government's plan, announced by Deputy Education Minister Segolene Royal, a socialist, the pills will be available to students through school nurses. Taken within three to four days after sexual intercourse, the pills cause a fertilized egg to spontaneously abort by preventing it from implanting in the mother's womb.

Some parents were outraged at this most recent round of government actions that, from all appearances, condones a dangerously cavalier attitude toward unprotected sex among teen students. After a fierce national debate, the plan was later scaled back to allow school nurses to prescribe the drugs only in exceptional cases and if a doctor or family-planning specialist could not be reached immediately.

Under the plan, parents not only have no say in whether their daughters have access to the pills, they aren't even notified if their children are given or use them. Many French teenagers welcomed the original program. "You can't talk to some parents about these things. Going to the school nurse will be like talking to someone anonymous," said a 15-year-old girl.

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