World News and Trends: Germany : In need of nuclear weaponry?

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Germany : In need of nuclear weaponry?

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Rupert Scholz, a defense minister in the former Helmut Kohl administration, recently stated, “We need to ask ourselves how we could react in an appropriate manner to a nuclear threat from a terror state, and if need be, even by using our own nuclear weapons” (emphasis added throughout).

Mr. Scholz openly doubted the present effectiveness of previous guarantees by Western nations during the Cold War era to keep Germany safe and secure. He further stated, “Without the appropriate guarantees of protection by our partners, the question of our own nuclear deterrent needs to be discussed openly.”

After World War II Germany consented to not developing a nuclear arsenal, relying instead on America and NATO for its primary defense needs. Now, however, with the growing threat of nuclear terrorism, Germany appears to be rethinking its position. From the standpoint of biblical prophecy, the likelihood that Germany will eventually have its own nuclear weapons is very great indeed. (Source: The Times [London].)

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