World News and Trends: Hezbollah sets back Israeli ecosystem 50 years

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Hezbollah sets back Israeli ecosystem 50 years

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Huge swaths of forests and fields across northern Israel have been scorched by thousands of Hezbollah rocket strikes over the past three weeks, and experts said it would take nature at least 50 years to recover," began an Aug. 2 Associated Press report.

History records the many pathetic ways that nations have wreaked havoc on other nations in the form of wars, pogroms and resulting famines and pandemics. Today the geopolitical scene has changed, and terrorist groups within a nation can and will hijack that nation and then hide among its peaceful citizens to carry out their unreasonable demands. Hell-bent on demanding that everyone believe their way, they have little regard for anyone or anything else.

The report continued: "In all, the rocket fire has destroyed 16,500 acres of forests and grazing fields . . . About 1 million trees were destroyed . . . The destruction of Mount Naftali is all the more painful since it is not a natural forest, but one meticulously planted by man. These mountains were bare when Israel was established back in 1948."

Forest caretaker Yossi Biton lamented: "An entire history has been erased in a single hour. It's like turning heaven into hell." Only God can change the wicked heart (Jeremiah 17:9). This He will do in due time according to His plan. (Source: Associated Press.)