World News and Trends: How the EU wastes billions

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How the EU wastes billions

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A Sunday Times feature article summed up the basic problem in one sentence: "Britain is pouring more than £1.4 billion [US$2.3 billion] a year into the European Union Aid Programme that funds 'white elephant' projects and gives billions to corrupt governments without checking how the money is spent" (Bojan Pancevski and Dan McDougall, "Euro Billions Wasted on African Failures," April 17, 2011).

Bizarrely, according to The Daily Express, millions of pounds have apparently been spent on a plot to "carve up" Britain by forming a cross-channel region merging southern England and northern France. It would have been called Arc Manche, with its own flag. "Brussels chiefs have already earmarked millions of pounds for lavish projects designed to give the zone its own 'identity'" (Macer Hall, May 2, 2011).

This political editor concluded his article: "Details emerged just days after Eurocrats pleaded for more taxpayers' cash for Brussels coffers. Under a proposed new EU budget, Britain's annual contribution to Brussels will rise by £682 million [US$1.1 billion] next year." (Sources: The Sunday Times, The Daily Express [both London].)

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