World News and Trends: HPV infections on the rise among American women

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HPV infections on the rise among American women

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"More than a quarter of U.S. girls and women ages 14 to 59 are infected with the sexually transmitted human wart virus, which causes most cases of cervical cancer," according to researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "That means human papillomavirus or HPV infection is more common than previously thought, particularly among younger age groups . . . Its prevalence was highest among those 20 to 24, with 44.8 percent infected, and nearly a quarter of teenagers aged 14 to 19" (Reuters, Feb. 27, 2007).

Some types of the virus can cause cervical, anal, penile or other forms of cancer; others cause genital warts; others bring little or no harm and clear up within a few years. However, it's a dangerous form of sexual Russian roulette.

What you will not find in this report or most others is any recommendation to sexually active adults or teens that they should enjoy sex only within the marriage relationship as commanded in the Bible. Keeping sex exclusively within marriage is one sure way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and the many complications that arise from them. (Source: Reuters news report.)