World News and Trends: Increasing middle-aged promiscuity

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Increasing middle-aged promiscuity

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Disturbing trends in the moral behavior of those over 50 are increasingly coming to light. The Sunday Times reported that in Britain, "the divorce rate among couples in their fifties and sixties is rising sharply" (Dec. 5, 2004). Not surprisingly, this trend has been accompanied by growing promiscuity among seniors.

According to the Daily Mail, "The incidence of some diseases in the age group has almost doubled in five years as more adopt a free-and-easy attitude to sex. The result has been an outbreak of sexual health problems" (Dec. 6, 2004).

The Health Protection Agency in Britain reported substantial increases in most types of STDs in women over 50. Also, cohabitation among those over 50 has reached 425,000.

The Daily Mail article continued: "The rise of divorce and decline of marriage is said to have played its part in changing attitudes to sex in an age group usually settled with a partner and family responsibilities."(Sources: The Sunday Times, Daily Mail [both London].)