World News and Trends: Iran and North Korea in collusion

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Iran and North Korea in collusion

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According to a foreign affairs correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, "North Korea and Iran are jointly working on weapons programmes designed to build a long-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead" (Dmien McElroy, "North Korea and Iran 'Collaborate on Nuclear Missile,'" July 22, 2011).

The rogue North Korean state is benefiting from weapons technology developed by Iran. In return, North Korea is assisting Iran with its uranium enrichment program. Pyongyang has also supplied Burma and Syria with advanced military equipment.

While not the "Axis Powers" of World War II, Iran and North Korea are nonetheless dictatorial nations colluding in their joint evil.

What makes North Korea so doubly dangerous is its unstable future as a failed state. This nation cannot feed its people and faces yet another dynastic succession. A rogue country desperate to survive is capable of taking foolish risks dangerous to itself and to other nations. Meanwhile China fails to use its influence with North Korea to strongly encourage this nation to moderate its military aims and renounce nuclear weaponry. (Source: The Daily Telegraph [London].)