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Longstanding concerns about Germany's future world role

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Files recently smuggled out of Russia freshly reveal former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's and the late French President François Mitterrand's true views of German reunification. Actually Mrs. Thatcher had previously mentioned them herself in her own memoirs (The Downing Street Years, 1993, pp. 792-793).

As Britain's Daily Mail reported on this latest development: "Margaret Thatcher was warned by France that a re-unified Germany might dominate Europe. A united Germany might 'make even more ground than Hitler had,' she was told by President Mitterrand of France only a few weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. Papers being published ... by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office show the scale of Anglo-French fears on German re-unification" (John Chapman, "Thatcher's Fears After Fall of the Berlin Wall," Sept. 11, 2009).

In fact, the former British prime minister needed little coaxing from the French president to convince her about the potential perils of German reunification. "'We do not want a united Germany,' Margaret Thatcher told President Gorbachev [of the former Soviet Union] at a lunch meeting in the Kremlin . . . two months before the fall of the Berlin Wall" (Andrew Roberts, "Why Thatcher Feared a United Germany," The Sunday Telegraph, Sept. 13, 2009).

At that time Mrs. Thatcher thought reunification might well endanger British security in various ways. Her strong views concerning Germany were formed as a teenager listening to Winston Churchill's speeches in 1940 during the heat of World War II and afterwards.

Bible prophecy speaks of the future rise of a new geopolitical superpower in Central Europe that will astound the world's inhabitants. Germany stands in the very center of these coming events. To understand much more, request our free booklet The Book of Revelation Unveiled. (Sources: Daily Mail, The Sunday Telegraph [both London].)