World News and Trends: New era of riots and protests in Europe?

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New era of riots and protests in Europe?

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Riots and protests have been erupting at various points in Europe. Formerly placid Iceland has been the site of several this year. In Riga, Latvia, 10,000 protestors stormed the national parliament. Demonstrations against the Bulgarian government have alarmed the intelligentsia there. Last December Greece was the site of two weeks of demonstrations by protestors. The Greek consulate in Berlin was briefly assaulted as well. All these occurred in addition to the widespread protests against the Israeli incursion into Gaza.

In some of these nations the police are viewed as lazy, corrupt and brutal—often seemingly powerless when confronted by a rioting crowd. Civil unrest is apparently becoming a serious problem in Europe. Is this one small indication of the potential revival of authoritarian forces that will restore order? (Source: The Times [London].)