World News and Trends: Pakistan and Afghanistan: countries in crisis

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Pakistan and Afghanistan: countries in crisis

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A column in The Wall Street Journal rightly described Pakistan as a "nuclear-armed Islamic giant run by an unproven new government, beset by internal political rifts, conducting a fitful struggle with Taliban and al Qaeda insurgents along its border with Afghanistan, and threatened by Islamic radicals angry over American military strikes along that same Afghan border" (Nov. 14, 2008).

Further, "violence along Pakistan's border has driven tens of thousands of people to seek refuge in eastern Afghanistan, the United Nations reported. Military data showed suicide attacks throughout the country killed nearly 1,200 people in the past 15 months" (USA Today, Sept. 30, 2008).

A November-December 2008 Foreign Affairs article commented on the overall situation in the two nations: "Afghanistan and Pakistan are in crisis. More U.S. troops, more money, and attacks into Pakistan 's lawless tribal areas will do little to counter the growing threat or avert chaos."

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