World News and Trends- Photographic proof: Planets exist outside our solar system

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World News and Trends- Photographic proof

Planets exist outside our solar system

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For decades astronomers have suspected that planets orbiting around stars are present all over the universe—not just in our own solar system. In recent years something like 150 planets have been detected indirectly by scientific measurements of movements and light emissions emanating from the affected stars.

But now “astronomers have produced what could be the first picture of a planet orbiting another star. They have photographed a reddish object apparently orbiting a star called GQ Lupi, which lies more than 400 light years from earth. If confirmed, the picture would be the first direct image of a planet outside the solar system” (The Sunday Times, April 10).

Discoveries of this type may have great—but as yet mostly unrealized—implications for the future of humankind. Man has a spiritual destiny and awesome potential far beyond what most people are able to imagine.

To understand the background behind this enduring human quest to somehow “reach the stars,” please request our free booklets What Is Your Destiny? and Who Is God? (Source: The Sunday Times [London].)

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