World News and Trends: Relentless push for a European superpower

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Relentless push for a European superpower

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And if adopted, indeed it will be! The article continues: "It effectively doubles the power of the European Parliament, puts the European Commission in charge of vast fields of justice and home affairs, and turns the European Court into a fully fledged supreme court with powers to rule in most areas of national life. It creates a full time EU president ... It whittles down the national veto in roughly 40 new areas ... It creates an EU justice department, Eurojust, with powers to launch cross-border investigations into a wide range of crimes."

European Commission President Romano Prodi predicts that this new constitution "will catapult the EU into the global arena as a full superpower." Apparently under its terms, the European Union will have sole authority to negotiate most treaties. What is going to happen to national sovereignty in Europe?

David Hughes, political editor of The Daily Mail, recently reported that "the European Commission demanded even more powers—and one key member even spoke of the body becoming a 'veritable government for Europe'" (Sept. 18). According to Walter Russell Mead, "France hopes that the European Union will grow into a superpower that, under French leadership, will challenge the U.S. for world leadership" (Los Angeles Times, March 30).

As the Scriptures clearly indicate, lust for power is a universal weakness that has dogged mankind almost since our first parents left the Garden of Eden. It is one of the chief ingredients of the downside of our human nature. And when it is expressed through the medium of dictators of powerful nations, it often leads to disastrous results—sometimes with many millions of lives lost. Witness Hitler, Stalin and Tojo in the 20th century.

You cannot afford to be unaware of where these European trends and events are surely taking humankind. For further biblical information, please request our free booklet You Can Understand Bible Prophecy. (Sources: The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail [both London], The Los Angeles Times.)

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