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Removing the Ten Commandments

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Recently a federal judge ordered the removal of this 5,280-pound monument which, ironically, had been installed by the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

The federal judge who ordered its removal described the monument as "an obtrusive display intended to proselytise on behalf of that particular religion." The monument was paid for with private funds and also bears inscriptions with quotes from famous historical figures and documents such as the Declaration of Independence. The removal order is currently on hold while the decision is being appealed.

Our multicultural age does not necessarily favor the faith of our fathers. Also the rival forces of Christianity and secularism continually clash in American life.

Some judges still consider the Ten Commandments to be the moral foundation of American law, which indeed they are. While Christians are encouraged to write God's law in their hearts through the power of God's Spirit, a physical display also reminds us of the existence of this unique moral code of conduct given directly by our Creator. To better understand this crucial set of laws, request our free booklet The Ten Commandments. (Source: The Daily Telegraph [London].)