World News and Trends: Resounding Polish vote for EU membership

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Resounding Polish vote for EU membership

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This result is not without prophetic significance since the population of Poland is 90 percent Roman Catholic and the Polish pope (John Paul II) took serious umbrage to the proposed EU draft constitution since it made no reference at all to Christianity. This was totally unacceptable to the Vatican.

Former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) once dismissed the power of the Catholic Church by sarcastically asking how many army divisions the pope had. However, many others do recognize its power and influence, and not a few veteran political observers even give the current pontiff the main credit for bringing down the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain. Do not underestimate the future role of the Roman Catholic Church (and Poland) in Europe. If you would like to know more, request or download our free booklet
The Book of Revelation Unveiled.

Frustrated by some of the actions of the old Europe of France and Germany, but buoyed up by his generous welcome on his recent visit to Poland, U.S. President George Bush has taken considerable consolation from Warsaw's supportive attitude toward the Iraqi war. Although America has recently made diplomatic overtures to both France and Germany, Mr. Bush still considers Poland and some other Eastern European countries as a part of the new, more cooperative, Europe.

A recent Times editorial observed that "Poland is not a country that can be slighted by Brussels or patronised by Paris." (Sources: The Times, The Sunday Times [both London].)

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