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Selling weapons to unstable governments

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However, a fairly recent investigative report by The Independent on Sunday revealed that the United Kingdom has unabashedly marketed its military hardware to nations embroiled in ethnic conflicts and civil wars.

For instance, "Britain sold arms worth tens of millions of pounds to India and Pakistan last year, before the Kashmir crisis reached boiling point."Angola and Kenya were also recipients of British military wares, as were several unstable former Soviet republics.

During a tour of the African continent earlier this year, Prime Minister Tony Blair commented:"We cannot ignore these conflicts because sooner or later they end up on your doorstep." Often overlooked, however, are that Western arms have been marketed to nations in which serious potential conflicts are already apparent.

The predictable comeback: "If we don't sell them these arms, other nations will." This is a good example of the conundrums countries get themselves into through greed and lack of foresight. International affairs have gone awry.We suffer if we do and we suffer if we don't.These are catch-22 situations.

Only God can sort out the world in its present state. Man has had his chance and failed miserably. Our free booklet The Gospel of the Kingdom shows how we will finally emerge from our great global problems. (Source: The Independent on Sunday [London].)