World News and Trends: Spacewalks will one day be common

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Spacewalks will one day be common

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Would you like to travel in space? Some clearly would, but it would be costly. A Russian company recently announced a plan for offering space tourists a trip around the moon for $100 million. The same company has already sent two businessmen into orbit for a week for $20 million.

Recently the world watched the spacewalk of an astronaut who removed protruding strips from the underbelly of the space shuttle Discovery.

"A spacewalking astronaut gently pulled two potentially dangerous strips of protruding fabric from Discovery's belly with his gloved hand Wednesday, successfully completing an unprecedented emergency repair job" (AOL News, Aug. 3). Exciting? Yes, though spacewalks are not something the general public can experience.

However, one day you will be able to travel freely in space—to the remotest edge of the universe in fact. Your Bible reveals that all human beings who choose to serve God and follow Him to the end of their physical lives will afterward be transformed into spirit beings (1 Corinthians 15:42-54). In that state they will be able to travel as God can to anywhere and everywhere in a mere instant. Yet ironically, the greatest excitement and satisfaction will be right here on earth (Revelation 21).

We may not get to travel in space today, but in the next life we will. In the world of tomorrow, space travel will be free with no danger to our personal safety. One day, everyone will enjoy space travel. If you'd like to learn more, request or download our free booklet What Is Your Destiny?