World News and Trends: The curse of Internet pornography

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The curse of Internet pornography

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The Daily Mail reported that "record numbers of people [in Britain] are downloading pornography from the Internet" (May 29). FT Magazine, from the London Financial Times, stated that "in the US alone 70 per cent of young men log on in search of porn every month" (April 1-2).

The artificial nature of Internet porn threatens the ability of men and women to sustain normal intimate relationships. For example, the average wife is forced to compete with picture-perfect models and porn stars online.

It's not surprising that "more than nine million men—almost 40 percent of the adult male population—logged on to sex websites last year, more than four times as many as the estimated two million in 2,000" (Daily Mail). What is somewhat surprising is "the number of women downloading Internet porn soared 30 percent to 1.4 million" (ibid.).

As FT magazine observed, "When pornography met the Internet the result was as instantly addictive as crack cocaine." Carol Sarler of the Daily Mail rightly called the practice a "dismally seedy epidemic."

Misuse of sex is gradually eating away at the moral roots of our Western societies. If you would like to read something that helps counteract this devastating trend, please request or download our free booklet Marriage and the Family: The Missing Dimension. (Sources: Daily Mail, FT Magazine [both London].)