World News and Trends: Will Osama bin Laden strike again?

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Will Osama bin Laden strike again?

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A former personal bodyguard of Osama bin Laden says he is certain the al-Qaeda leader is planning another attack on the United States .

As long as this archterrorist is alive, he apparently will continue to make threats—after all, it serves him well. Consider the reasons for such boasts. He might want to discourage the United States' pursuit of him. He may also want to rally fellow terrorists, hoping to regain some control over them.

Threatening the U.S.-led coalition forces offers an acceptable bravado to potential followers that need strong, rallying language. His threats could also serve as personal ego boosts.

Can Bin Laden facilitate a strike against the United States? Anything is possible, and the mere bravado might stir a terrorist cell to action. America and Europe must remain extremely vigilant to avoid such a strike, given their porous borders and personal freedoms. Though dangerous times are foretold for the future (2 Timothy 3:1), the Bible also shows that unprecedented peace will eventually come (Isaiah 11).

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