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For Christ and Kingdom

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On almost all of the headstones just above the name of the fallen soldier stand the words, "For King and Country." These words express the reason these men's lives were put in danger. They were serving their king and their country—even at the cost of losing their lives. It seems like a noble motto, and no doubt many were very sincere in their offering.

Historical fact shows us how horrible war is and how often young men were sent into senseless situations and lost their lives due to the ego, vanity, pride or foolishness of commanders who gave the orders. That does not detract from the courage of the men who served—they were the ones who faced the danger and paid the price.

For a Christian, Jesus Christ is our King; He is the King of all kings (1 Timothy 6:15). He spoke often about the Kingdom of God being established on the earth. Jesus spoke of a time of peace, freedom, no tears of sorrow and no illness or death (Revelation 21:4). But Christians are soldiers who are battling a different enemy than the one the men of World War I fought; they are in a spiritual warfare against an unseen foe. God looks for those who bear the scars of battle for Him. He seeks those upon whom He can confer the Medal of Honor with a position in His Kingdom forever. We can say that His soldiers carry the motto "For Christ and the Kingdom."

There has never been a time when God's people have not been on the firing line for God. We live for "Christ and Kingdom," and we ought to be willing to die for that cause. Jesus said that anyone who would lose his or her life in His service would be rewarded (Matthew 16:25-28). The rewards God promises to those who fight in His army are eternal.

I found myself a little sad reading the names and ages of the young men in this small Commonwealth portion of the cemetery in Vancouver. I thought about the lives they could have lived and of the reasons they died in the first place. Most of them did not understand the reasons behind that dreadful war, being willing to lay down one's life "for king and country."

But those in God's army stand to inherit eternal life as a king or priest (Revelation 5:10). They will be given authority from Almighty God to reign on earth. What God offers never ends, and this inheritance makes us part of His plans forever. That kind of glory and honor does not need medals and promises that can be broken.

Jesus Christ prayed that His followers and "mighty ones" should share in His glory and have glory of their own (John 17:22-26). He can deliver these promises because He has already won the victory. The cost is high, but the reward greater than we can imagine. We go to battle with our eyes wide open, "For Christ and Kingdom." UN