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My church, the United Church of God, is not affiliated with traditional Christian and/or Jewish organizations at all. We in UCG understand God's plan for mankind, which is generally not understood.

We observe the seventh-day Sabbath, as well as other annual Holy Days, just as Jesus Christ, His apostles and the original Church did. We don't follow changes made to that church by men afterwards, nor do we observe traditional holidays, which are of pagan origin. We believe it matters greatly to God that we worship Him the way He reveals, as clearly shown in the Bible. We believe in obedience to Him and His spiritual law.

We believe in resurrections, as revealed in the Bible, and that Jesus Christ will soon return to actually take over rule of the earth and banish Satan from the affairs of the world.

It's a wonderful future we can all look forward to. I recommend visiting our Web site, if you have further interest.

— Roger Deaton
Lexington, Kentucky, congregation

Hmm, funny you should ask, but my affiliation is with the Church Jesus Christ Himself founded in the early first century. If you would be willing to take a closer look, you would quickly find out that keeping this Feast has nothing to do with being a Jew, but simply is a commandment to all those who claim to be a follower of Him. Have a fabulous day.

— Stan Braumuller
Orlando, Florida, congregation

I am a member of the Church of God, which is not a denomination of any other religious body, Catholic or Protestant. As a Christian church, we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. That includes observing the festivals recorded in the Bible, including both Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.

If you want more information, I can give you a Web address where you can obtain more information, including access to our TV program, Beyond Today. Or if you prefer, I can give you a mailing address to which you can write. We have available many free booklets on a variety of subjects. They are available as downloads or as publications.

— Kenneth Fahnestock
York, Pennsylvania, congregation>

Well, the name of my church is the United Church of God. We trace our beginning to the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are all here practicing the biblical pattern of annual worship by keeping the Feast of Tabernacles, which focuses on the return of Jesus Christ to save all mankind and give us all an opportunity to be in the God family. Well, I see we have reached your floor. Have a wonderful day! Nice chatting with you, and perhaps we will meet again!

— Bruce Koester
Portland, Oregon, congregation

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