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Teaching Leadership by Your Example

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Teaching Leadership by Your Example

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There are many opportunities to teach children to be leaders. The most important way is for parents to model leadership skills to their children. Our examples of seeking input, making effective decisions and carrying out those decisions will speak volumes to them. When they see loving authority exercised in a just and fair manner, our children will take notice. Good leaders are alert to the needs of those they serve. Our example of integrity, zeal, compassion and proper communication are so necessary in showing our children how to lead. Giving godly direction to the family is essential for children to observe. Leading in prayer and Bible study will let them see the source of our leadership skills. In addition to setting a right example of leadership, we may also teach them to lead by giving them opportunities to handle responsibilities that affect the entire family. Take, for example, raking leaves. Usually an older child would be given the responsibility to do this kind of job. If a younger sibling is around to help, the older brother or sister has the chance to exert proper leadership in setting the example in how the job is done and how to perform it diligently. Another leadership opportunity for children is taking care of the family pets or livestock. When a child is shown how to feed, clean and care for an animal, he or she is then able to develop care and concern as a leader. Fulfilling that task sets the example for other siblings to follow. As we parents set the proper example of leading with loving authority, we will be training our children to lead and will give them a head start in life. Take every opportunity to train your children to lead by learning to be good followers and fulfilling the tasks they've been given. Allow them the flexibility to do the job so that they may exercise their leadership skills. Children are the future of our Church and communities. Teach them the leadership skills necessary to survive and prosper in life. This is the last part in this series on lessons learned from the family. I hope it has been helpful to you and your family. UN