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Then You Will Find Harmony

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Then You Will Find Harmony

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Harmony is the art of using chords in music. In Western music, harmony is the use of different pitches simultaneously in music.

But harmony is also the “utility hub” of the International Space Station. And as you have no-doubt heard, Pasadena-based eHarmony was launched in 2000 and is now the Internet’s number-one trusted relationship services provider.

Plus, there is Harmony, Florida, a master planned community that is “a relaxed yet tight-knit community of friendly people, living side-by-side with pristine Florida nature and wildlife…offering the strong cultural foundation to live harmoniously and securely in the 21st century” (

That sure sounds like harmony, doesn’t it? But where will you find true harmony?

Harmony Destroyed

In the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, God created mankind to cooperate with Him harmoniously in a beautiful relationship characterized by love, peace and obedience to His laws. At the completion of His creation, God saw everything He had made, and indeed it was very good.

But that environment of harmony in a true paradise abruptly ended because of Satan’s deception and man’s disobedience. This deception cut mankind off from God’s way. However (and here is the good part), after Christ’s return God will bring the entire creation back into harmony with Him and peace will no longer be the exception.


After Christ’s return God will bring the entire creation back into harmony with Him and peace will no longer be the exception. 

God’s plan for mankind involves restoration. The latter part of God’s annual festival plan symbolizes a restoration process that will start with the return of Jesus Christ (pictured by the Feast of Trumpets), the banishment of Satan (depicted by the Day of Atonement), and finally the Feast of Tabernacles and Eighth Day (when all of humankind will be offered salvation). These festivals picture the process being put in place for the restoration of all creation to peace and harmony with God.

The Holy Days and festivals of God are designed and arranged in a very specific manner, and in an order to reveal what the Holy Spirit helps us to understand—knowledge that only can be seen from the perspective of God. If we try to figure it out ourselves, we can’t. It has to be revealed by God to us, and He does it through the power of His Holy Spirit.

For restoration to take place there has to be a dynamic change in human nature—and we are given insight into that change. For us, it begins with a life in harmony with Jesus Christ now.

The Whole World Reconciled

As human beings, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. But we have a God who is willing to extend mercy to us, to forgive our sins, and to wipe the slate clean through a process He has devised through His Son’s shed blood. Through that, God in His wisdom is reconciling the entire world—all humankind—to Himself so a Holy God can once again be in harmony with His children.

Through the Holy Days and festivals, God shows what He is going to ultimately do, not only for Israel, but what He will do for the whole world.

Blessed Are Your Eyes

What do you think of when I say the word harmony? Do you think of music? Do you think of dating? Do you imagine an environmentally intelligent community? Do you gaze into the heavens at the Space Station? Or do you think of God’s Kingdom?

We who have been called at this time are privileged to have access to the Tree of Life, through Jesus Christ. What a wonderful opportunity, something again that allows us to have insight into the mind of God and the Scriptures. Therefore, of all people on earth, the Church of God should be filled with harmony and unity.

As Jesus said to His own disciples: “But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear” (Matthew 13:16 Matthew 13:16But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.
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